Manifesting Abundance – The Fallacy Behind the Law of Attraction

Let's face it. You're pretty pissed off.

You were sold a "tool" for manifesting abundance by the name of "The Law of Attraction" and were told it would solve ALL your problems in life.

You were told that it will bring you vast amounts of wealth, numerous possessions, peace of mind, great relationships, top-notch health, you name it. Anything you want, you were told you can have through this law.

So, you read numerous books, went to seminars, and watched that famous movie, "The Secret", all in hopes of acquiring the skills needed for manifesting abundance in your life.

Yet, after trying this law over and over again, your life is no different: you're no richer, healthier or happier. You have not attracted your ideal mate, your dream job, or any more money into your life.

As a matter of fact, the insult of the whole thing is, when the Law of Attraction does work for you, it brings to you very "trivial" things, like a hat you've been looking for at the department store, or you 're flipping through the cable channels and a movie is on that you wanted to see, etc.

Yet, you can not seem to attract the BIG things.


Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault that the Law of Attraction has not worked for you.

Yes, it is not your fault.

What if you had to take an exam in school about American History from 1776 – 1945 and your history book that you were told to study from only covered the Revolutionary War?

You would fail miserably because you'd be missing out on other MAJOR events in American History, for one the Civil war, among many, many other pivotal events.

Well, you've been sent to create your own reality using the Law of Attraction, but frankly, that's not enough.

It's like me sending you to play a basketball game without you knowing the rules, and telling you that all you have to do is get the ball into the basket.

Did you know that there were other laws besides the Law of Attraction that are involved in manifesting abundance in your life? Laws I might add, that MUST be applied if you want to be successful at reality creation.

For one, there's the Law of Detachment, which dictates the correct mindset one must have when using the Law of Attraction. Not knowing this law has been one of biggest reasons why people fail at manifesting abundance in their lives, and knowing how to properly apply this law can actually speed the rate at which things come to you.

Yes, really, it can.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what has been left out of the equation of the laws and principles that are involved in reality creation.

Do not get me wrong, the Law of Attraction works, but when it is promoted as the be all and end all of reality creation it becomes a fallacy, causing many disillusioned people who are woefully unprepared to manifest their dreams.

Source by Ike Love

Book Review – The Friendship Factor by Dr Alan Loy McGinness

The book,”The Friendship Factor: How To Get Close To The People You Care For”, is about close relationships that is often called friendships. The subheading explains the main purpose of the book: How To Get Close to the People You Care For.

Intimacy is something that is difficult to develop but well-worth the time and energy to develop. Friendships without any degree of in-depth intimacy are just acquaintances. There is a process of developing friendships. It is more of an art than science. This book discusses reasons and factors on why you should have friendships. A variety of friendships is good for the enhancement of all your relationships.

The book has an interesting perspective that can help any relationship. It is about overloading your friendships into one person. Most people would approach friendships based on similarities such as relatives (family similarities) and then expect (with emphasis on expect) that all facets of that particular relationship to be aligned and bonding. That is not the case. You cannot have one person be everything for you to the point where if that person does not fulfill that role then the friendship is doomed.

The “Friendship Factor” discusses having a variety of friendships based on different interests. You may have a group of friends who enjoy fishing or reading classical books. You can stay within the realm of that relationship based on the commonality such as fishing or classical books. Your “fishing buddies” will serve the purpose of fishing. You do not have to talk about your job with these group of friends. With the expansion of on-line communities, it is easy to meet other people with similar interests (though you have to approach this path cautiously and discretion).

It places tremendous burden on one person (e.g. your spouse) if you expect them to have the exact hobbies or thinking. Instead, you should consider that “variety is the spice of life” including your relationships. As a pre-caution, the type of activity can reflect on the quality of that relationship. Drinking buddies may not be the best type of friendships as it could get your in trouble such as driving under the influence. The type of activity reflects strongly on the long-term quality of that relationship.

Friendship is by choice not be chance. You have the choice to choose who to be friends with. This book gives tools to expand or enhance those friendships in your life.

Source by Pascasio JR Felisilda

Ways to Prevent Goldfish Diseases

If you are a lover of goldfish and have them at your home you must ensure that they are well taken care of. They are quite delicate and can die easily if you do not look after them in a proper manner. The first thing to do will be to provide these splendid creatures with clean and hygienic environment. It is a fact that a lot of people are unaware of the necessary precautions that they must take to keep these fish healthy. As a result they die prematurely of disease. Here you will find a few simple yet effective and essential precautions that you need to take to guarantee bacteria free fish tank.

Carefully clean your fish tank

It is essential to keep your fish bowl clean and bacteria free. Most people are lazy when it comes to cleaning their fish tanks. In order to make your fish tank water bacteria-free you need to change the water and clean it once a week. It may sound like a heavy task to clean the aquarium every week but believe me, it is essential in maintaining the health of your goldfish.

Another precaution to be taken while cleaning your fish tank is to wash your hands well before cleaning your tank. This will ensure that you are not transmitting any bacteria to the fish tank from your hands while cleaning. Human hands can carry a lot of dangerous bacteria and if your goldfish comes in touch of them it will surely die.

Clean your filter with care

It is crucial for the health of your fish that you regularly clean your water filter inside the fish tank. Go and have a look at your filter and see how clean it looks. In fact it may contain unsightly fungus as well which can spread disease inside the tank. So you must clean and rinse the tank filter regularly whenever you change the water of the tank. In most cases it is seen that unclean filters can aid in the development of harmful bacteria which may lead to a disease like ‘Ick’, which is a very common disease associated with goldfish.

Buy a water siphon

A water siphon can be of great help in maintaining cleanliness inside the fish tank. It is for the purpose of cleaning the gravel in a tank. These water siphons suck all harmful particles which gather over the time. They should be used twice in a week. In fact if you have a water siphon you will not be required to change the whole tank water. However, it is still better to change at least 25 % of tank water every week for maintaining optimum living conditions inside your precious fish tank.

So you can see that maintaining clean and bacteria free environment is the best method of goldfish care. Follow the above mentioned suggestions and you will see how healthy your goldfish becomes.

Source by Chintamani Abhyankar

Lose 5 lbs & 5 Inches in 5 Days!

SERIOUSLY! I LOST 8 lbs & 5 "IN 5 DAYS- Healthily.

It really does not have to be difficult or complicated.

There are a lot of mixed messages out there when it comes to weight loss. From what I've witnessed, people usually give up on a program before they've seen any real results for one of two reasons:

1) They are not seeing noticeable results in the time they expected.
2) They do not have the will power to see a program through to the end (usually because it seems to take too long and, truth is, we want something instant).

I am here to tell all of you who are so frustrated for one of those two reasons that there is a simple, doable and most importantly healthy way to lose 5-10 pounds in the shortest amount of time. And thankfully, it does not entail the latest miracle pill, potion or lotion.

With most regimens we feel like we are completely cut off anything that makes us feel satisfied and we follow the steps but after a week, 10 days or what have you, we wonder what happened. I suppose you're thinking, "Now what can I really have to eat? Am I going to feel like I'm starving? And is it really going to help me loose?" Well, I personally followed all the steps and had phenomenal success in only 5 days.

Here's what to do … follow a very simple eating regimen that will start showing you noticeable result in just 2-3 days. After you stick with it for that long, you will be so motivated to see it through … 5 whole days. The best part is that it can change the way you look at food forever and you will WANT to choose healthy foods that make you feel fantastic, improve mental clarity and help you keep building lean muscle mass. Not to mention, your metabolism will speed up simply because your body has to burn more energy just to digest the foods you eat. AWESOME!

Too good to be true? Well, it really is not.

I was very skeptical because a few years ago I learned how important protein really is to my diet and once I started implementing it on a regular basis while lifting weights, my muscle mass improved greatly. Yes, I do mean lean muscle. But honestly, I was working out pretty hard back then too. So, fast forward a few years x 3 … had a child, a demanding career and life was busy … I noticed there was a little bit added on here and there (my hips, thighs and middle). Well, last year when seasons changed (summer to fall) and it was time to get back into my pants (I guess shorts are a little more forgiving) and they were all too tight! You know- can not sit down without taking your breath away because it feels like someone just shoved a table edge right into your middle. I was devastated! I could not go buy a new wardrobe.

Although I was desperate for a quick fix, it was more important that I could incorporate the way I lost the weight into a new diet lifestyle. So, I took all my body measurements- bust, waist, hips and thighs even calves and upper arm. Immediately, I started following the plan and I was amazed when in 2 days my pants were comfortably looser. "OK, that's a good start, I'm sure it will level off at this point."

After the 5 days I lost 5 Gigantic inches, 8 pounds, had ab muscles again, felt toned and of course- pants fit 'FINE'! HOLY SMOKES! I was so amazed and felt like I wanted to tell everyone.

Okay, so you're asking, "What kind of workout did you do to get there?"

I do love how exercise makes me feel. I think I walk / ran 2 miles on two different occasions and did a few sit-ups and lifted weights maybe once. The program actually recommends that you do not work out extensively because it's easy to feel a light headed. And I'll admit I did not feel like I had solid foods I was used to but at the same time, I felt awesome.

So you want to know how you can do it too?

Follow a super simple system that includes: 3 meal replacement shakes, 1 serving of fruit, 1 great big serving of veges (salad with all the veges you like and vinaigrette or balsamic dressing or stir fry veges in olive oil and garlic or a yam with spray butter and salt and pepper), 3- either fiber bars (fiber one) or balance or zone bars (something similar). Drink lots of water. Do a light 20 minute workout or walk daily.

Some Hints …

Eat often, about every three hours even if you are not hungry. Yes, the shake is considered eating.

Make sure you start the program when you can implement and plan your meals. They are very simple, but do not do it say when you are traveling out of town.

When you're done, do not stop. Making this change to your diet for only 5-7 days is simple. Although, after that time it should be very simple to stick to your new diet (Because of How YOU LOOK and How YOU FEEL) do not stop there. Keep making proactive approaches to your health.

I really hope this helps you reach your fitness goals or gets you motivated to keep moving one step closer and closer to achieving your healthy body.

Check out the resource box for a link to the entire regimen.

Source by Chantel Clark

Gymnastics History – A Brief Overview

Gymnastics, as an activity, has been around for more than

two thousand years in one form or another, from the ancient

Greek Olympics, to Roman ceremony, to today’s modern meets.

As an organized and truly competitive sport, gymnastics

has existed for a little more than a century. It was

introduced in the mid 1800s to the United States, where it

inexorably gained in popularity within school systems.

Amateur associations gathered together by the late

nineteenth century, offering classes and opportunities for

young people to join in on the fun. Eventually, these

associations began to have their own championships.

In 1896, at the first international Olympic games in Athens,

Greece, the sport we all know and love enjoyed its first

large-scale debut. Included in the Olympic tournament were

vaulting, parallel bars, pommel horse, and rings events for

men. The first women’s Olympic gymnastics events were held

in 1928. After the Olympics began to officially host

gymnastics, the World Championship gymnastics meet emerged

in the early 1900s, and it is still held to this very day.

Thus began a noble tradition that continues even in modern

Olympic games and in local, regional, national, and world

meets all over.

If you’re the parent of a young gymnast, odds are, people

are going to ask you, “Why did you choose gymnastics over

swimming, ballet, football, baseball, or soccer?” It is an

easy question to offer, but not a simple one to answer.

Their curiosity is entirely understandable–to the

uninitiated, may have a lower profile than others.

However, if you are indeed very serious about your child

participating in the sport, you can tell those people, with

great authority, that gymnastics is an excellent way to

spend time. Not only does it have a long and illustrious

history, but it also requires attention and discipline on

the part of a child–more so, perhaps, than one involved in

any other sport.

In order to become successful at the sport of gymnastics,

your child will have to get into a routine of practice.

This type of routine is different from, say, soccer

practice or hockey practice, in that it does not involve

the concept of physical rivalry with other individuals. A

gymnast is not typically seen chasing after another

gymnastics youth with a set of rings as one might see a

hockey player attacking another person on an opposing team.

Gymnastics does not encourage violence in the same way

contact sports do — indeed, when one is part of a

gymnastics team, one has to work in synchronicity with and

have a certain trust for the other members, a valuable

lesson in this individualism-driven social environment.

This can certainly help in any future employment,

especially if your child is interested in professions that

involve lots of interpersonal communication.

Beyond practice, gymnastics also requires physical

discipline. For instance, if you do not move in the way

that you are taught to move when on parallel bars, you will

have falls and disappointment–and then, of course, you

learn from the mistake, pick up, and try it again. Playing

at gymnastics braces a person for the future in that way:

it prepares them for the inevitable necessity of

determination and endurance in any of life’s endeavors,

whether in business or in education. In conjunction with

school study habits, practice for gymnastics can indeed

lead a young person into a level and graceful confidence.

In fact, for as physically driven as gymnastics happens to

be, it is also an extremely intellectual sport: every

motion requires forethought, for in the game, if you do not

think of what you are going to do before you do it, you’ll

end up on the mat.

Finally, and perhaps most obviously of all, there is the

fact that gymnastics will keep your child busy, as any

other sport might. This means that he or she won’t be as

likely to slip into a pattern of slacking or of hanging out

with the wrong crowd. Quite literally, when your child is

at practice, you will know where they are — you will not

have to worry if they have wandered off somewhere or are

unintentionally getting into trouble. This can lead to

peace of mind for you and yours, most assuredly, which,

like the skills they will learn, are absolutely invaluable.

By Murray Hughes

Gymnastics Secrets Revealed

“The book EVERY gymnastics parent should read”

Source by Murray Hughes

5 Reasons Why Elliptical Machines and Treadmills are Useless Exercises

I know that all of the elliptical and treadmill worshipers are probably fuming at me now after that article headline, but the fact is, ellipticals and treadmills are one of the least effective methods of working out in existence. With this article, I’ll show you how to get a much more effective fat-burning workout without wasting time mindlessly exercising on a boring elliptical machine or treadmill.

Now first let me state that if you really honestly enjoy your elliptical machine workouts and treadmill exercise routines, then I give you my blessing to keep doing what you love. The reason is that even though ellipticals and treadmills are relatively ineffective compared to other types of exercises, whatever you actually enjoy doing the most is going to benefit you most in the long run because you will be more likely to stick with it more consistently.

However, don’t say that I didn’t warn you that you might be wasting your time with all these boring mindless cardio machine workouts.

I’ve talked about this previously with my ezine subscribers… I actually do not believe in cardio machines as a good form of working out at all. This might surprise you coming from a fitness nut such as myself, but I don’t think I’ve personally used an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical, or any other cardio machine for at least 8 years or more.

In fact, I don’t even use cardio machines anymore for warm-ups before my workouts. I actually think it’s a much more effective warm-up to do dumbbell and/or kettlebell swings, snatches, clean & presses, etc, mixed with bodyweight exercises as a great full-body warm-up before working out.

Why do I think cardio machines are so awful? Well, here’s 5 reasons:

1) Treadmills and ellipticals are just a very ineffective way to workout compared to other options. Why should you do treadmill or elliptical workouts when you can get better results by doing more interesting forms of training that actually stimulate a fat-burning hormonal response and stimulate your metabolism to a greater extent.

2) Elliptical machines and treadmills are insanely expensive and a waste of money for people that work out at home… there are so many better things for home workouts you could have spent your money on rather than wasting it on an elliptical machine, treadmill, or exercise bike.

You’ll see plenty of ideas below for better home workouts if you don’t like going to a gym to work out.

3) I have seen several studies that indicated results that treadmill running may be less effective than outdoor running for various reasons such as stride abnormalities on treadmills vs natural running, slightly less caloric burn compared to outdoor running, and so on.

(although I never recommend just “jogging” anyway… variable intensity walking/running or sprinting are much more effective, training your heart rate in a much wider range instead of the same heart rate range the whole time).

4) Steady state exercise (that doesn’t require concentration on what you’re doing) while watching tv or reading a newspaper or magazine creates a mind/body disconnect resulting in extremely poor results compared to exercise that requires focused attention.

5) Elliptical and treadmill workouts are just mind-numbingly boring!

So what are some good alternatives to elliptical machine and treadmill workouts? Some of my favorites are:

  • Outdoor wind sprint workouts – This is the ultimate workout for a rock hard lean body… just look at the powerful yet super-lean and ripped bodies of world class sprinters, and compare that to the withering weakling physiques of typical marathoners… what would you rather look like?
  • Jumping rope – incredible mind/body connection and actually fun (you can try speed jumping, crossover jumps, and double jumps once you get good at it)
  • Kettlebell workouts – nothing will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring like high rep kettlebell swings and/or snatches (or clean & presses)! These can be done with dumbbells too, but I prefer kettlebells as they have a better “feel” to them and the unbalanced nature of KBs makes you work harder)
  • Bodyweight exercises – mountain climbers, bodyweight squats, push-ups, jumping drills, lunges, bear crawls, plank holds, and so on.
  • The good old fashioned rowing machine – I don’t really lump this in as a “cardio” machine per se like elliptical machines and treadmills… Rather, I think the rowing machine is actually a great full body workout that actually uses real resistance)
  • Hill sprinting – running as hard up a hill as possible, followed by walking down and repeating as many times as you can for a full workout (yet another classic drill for a rock hard lean body)
  • Shadow boxing… a killer workout, but if you are shy, this is best done at home since you will get some crazy looks doing this at a typical gym!
  • Swimming sprints – a more muscle toning workout compared with steady pace distance swimming… I actually love the upper body pump I get from sprint swimming (instead of swimming slow and steady, with sprint swimming, you swim as fast as you can exerting as much force as you can for 1 lap. Then rest for 15-20 seconds before doing another swim sprint).
  • Heavy bag punching/kicking workouts, speed bag, rebounding bag… all are tremendous workouts and much more fun than boring cardio machines (requires an very intense mind/body connection which increases results).

I hope this article gives you lots of ideas you can use to go out right away and bring some more variety into your workouts instead of relying on the same old dull elliptical machine and treadmill workout routines. Have fun!

Source by Mike Geary

Drop Shot Bass Fishing – An Advanced Technique to Nail Sowbelly Bass!

When the spawn is over, it becomes harder to catch those huge bass because they stop striking out of aggression. Fortunately, the drop shot rig, when fished correctly, will trigger that reflex in those lunker bass. While the tips here will increase the quality of your catch, the quantity of your catch is always going to be determined by how well you can read the water. Of course, the overall best strategy whether by boat or foot is to not linger in one place too long, you can will cut down on wasted time by being able to tell whether what your looking at is likely to be holding bass.

The drop shot rig is presents your bait off the bottom. Tie a hook, any kind (I prefer Octopus style) from a size 4 to a 2/0 depending on the bait you are using, but be sure and leave at least a foot of extra line beyond the not. The usual knot calls for a palomar tied such that the hook gap is facing up. Google this as what we are discussing here is technique and not so much the rigging. Add some weight to the bottom, about twice as much as what your bait weighs. When fishing the drop shot, it is strongly advised that you use a good flourocarbon line. Visibility, or lack of it, is paramount to teasing that slab into taking the bait. You can drop shot any bait, live or artificial, but I prefer to start with a Senko type bass worm (the larger, thicker ones). The traditional drop shot technique calls for nose hooking the bait. However, I have found that wacky rigging has a higher hook up rate. To wacky rig your worm, just hook it through the middle!

It will take a little bit of learning, but you will soon be able to tell exactly what your weight is moving over when you retrieve the line. There is a very distinct feel of being bit but don’t be discouraged if you can’t distinguish between bouncing over rocks and being picked up by a bass. When you have mastered that, it is time to take the next step: do nothing. It sounds counter intuitive but the best way to nail the big boys is to just barely jig your bait, particularly if you know there is a fish where you are casting. A lot of bass pros will disagree with this approach, but try it. Put your bait in the spot and then just very subtly bounce your rod tip. Bounce it some more. And then bounce it some more. This technique really requires patience, as the bass will likely ignore you for some time before hitting. But when he does, it will all have paid off! Make sure you build up some tension in the line before actually setting the hook. This tip applies to all fishing but it is particularly important with the drop shot if you want to keep your conversions high.

Source by Joseph Ramirez

Titleist Golf Equipment – Buy The Best

Titleist Golf equipment is one of the world’s best and most popular brands of golf equipment and apparel. It is manufactured by Accushnet Company, which was started by Philip ‘Skipper’ Young. He was a golfer and was extremely frustrated by his lack of consistency while playing golf. He then decided to X-Ray the golf balls to find out if they were the problem.

Through this brainwave, he found out that the rubber cores in the balls were not properly centered. He then patented the process to manufacture Titleist golf balls which were correctly centered in 1930. Soon after, it became the most popular golf ball to be used.

Titleist Golf Equipment – As the ball became increasingly popular and was used in all professional tournaments and even private clubs, the company decided to branch out into the other golfing equipment. Way back in 1963, Titleist acquired Bull’s Eye Putter and changed its name.

Titleist then went on to make putters, drivers, irons and even the Titleist bag. Now you can get all golfing equipment made by Titleist and you can even wear golfing apparel with the company’s brand name.

Why Titleist? – Over the years, Titleist golf equipment has built up a solid reputation. It stands for excellence and consistency.Titleist balls are used on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Japanese Tour, LPGA Tour, Asian Tour, and Nationwide Tour. They have major golfers doing endorsements for them.

Titleist uses the latest technology and caters to everybody – From the beginning Titleist has been concentrating on using the latest technology to improve its equipment and help golfers. Its equipment is all high performance to enable a player to perform to the best of his or her abilities.

Titleist caters to all segments of golfers, from professionals to amateurs, and the range includes products designed specifically for women and juniors. It makes all the accessories including bags, headgear, gloves, carts and bags.

For the professional and the amateur golfer Titleist offers the services of fitters to help in the selection of the correct drivers, irons, wedges and other equipment which can help the player. Anybody can get personally fitted after taking an appointment and paying a fee. Titleist offers this service at its Performance Institute in California and Manchester Lane Testing facility in Massachusetts. And that takes the guesswork out of getting the right equipment.

Source by Jeff Richmond

How Should I Keep My Fine Watches in Quality Condition?

When most people buy watches, they don’t realize how much goes into keeping them up-to-date and in good working condition. It’s not like having a car, but you do have to take some steps to keep your timepieces running well. This is especially important if you bought a fine watch like a Cartier Santos 100 or a Techno Marine; these are moderately priced watches, so to allow them to deteriorate is just plain silliness. Below are a few guidelines you will want to follow in order to get the most out of your watches.

1. It’s important that you clean your watch with a dry soft cloth or a brush sporadically. Oftentimes, as with most electronic products, dust will get into the gaps of the watch or into the case, and this could indeed make your watch stop working. Also, if you notice perspiration on your watch’s case or strap, it’s also a good idea to clean these as well with a watch cleaner and cotton.

2. Make sure you don’t wear your watch in situations where it could be exposed to really high temperatures. Watches have many protective elements such as water resistance, but I have yet to see a watch that can be exposed to high temperatures and not get ruined. Also, if you have a fine watch, make sure you don’t keep it in the sun for a long time, as this could cause thermal shock!

3. If your watch isn’t shock-resistant, such as many Charriol watches, it’s always best to take it off when you are doing a sports activity such as tennis or golf. Sometimes the jerkiness of your movements can ruin the watch or move around parts inside the watch. Also, if you plan on taking a shower or swimming, make sure the watch is water resistant! If you do have a water resistant watch, the gaskets should be replaced every 12 to 24 months to ensure the quality of the watch is up-to-date.

4. Don’t open the watch. Not only can this void any warranties, it’s also just plain dumb! The parts inside a watch are very small and you could very easily lose some of the pieces in the watch; pieces which cannot be replaced.

5. If you want to buy watches with a leather strap like those of the Chase Durer watches, it’s always a good idea to keep the strap dry. Not only can water and other liquids ruin the leather, but if it’s exposed to water enough, it can stretch, crack, and even break. While some watches do have replaceable leather straps (sold separately), this can cost money and time; time that you might not want to waste on something you could have avoided to begin with!

If your fine watch ever breaks or need something fixed, all you have to do is contact your manufacturer, and they will either have you send it in for repair or suggest a watch service center in your area. The only real “fixing” you should be doing as far as opening up the watch is replacing the battery. Other than that, stay away from the guts of the watch! It’s a job best left to the professionals.

Source by Mark Etinger

Using Ho’Oponopono To Super Charge Law of Attraction

Many of us have heard of Law of Attraction and I can bet that most if not all of the people who have heard of are using it in one way or another.

As powerful of a concept that LOA is and what this law is able to do for each of us is amazing by itself, but what if I told you that there is a way to Super Charge it using Ho’oponopono so that you can receive results faster and with better ease.

Did the last sentence get you to stand up straight and your attention suddenly rise up to the ceiling?

Good, because there is some things that are running inside of us that may actually fight against what we want causing us to feel like we are swimming against the current of a fast moving river instead of with the current.

These things are memories and data that we have collected over our lives and some believe that we have been collecting this data way before our lives began.

In order for Law of Attraction to work perfectly there should be no resistance in what we are trying to manifest into reality.

Think about this for a second…

Could you truly attract million dollars into your life if the memories you are holding onto say that you are not worthy of a millions dollars or that in order for you to attract a million dollars would be impossible or could never happen to you?

The fact is that we have tons of negative memories and data this is running all day every day and it never takes a vacation.

Unless we clean these memories they will continue to replay over and over again even if we are not aware of them playing in the background of our subconscious mind.

Here is were Ho’oponopono plays a important roll in Law of Attraction.

You may be thinking, what is Ho’oponopono?

The quickest way to explain it is that it is an Ancient Hawaiian System for correcting errors, making right as it is the process of taking responsibility for everything that happens in our lives and cleaning the memories that connect to these events we encounter in the now.

This process is Super Simple to do and it involves four Phrases that you repeat to your higher self to dissolve and let go of the data that can hold us back.

I Love You

I Am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

Using Ho’oponopono to eliminate this data is like hitting the delete key on your keyboard and by eliminating the information we remove the restrictions allowing The Law of Attraction to work effortlessly which is the way it is supposed to work.

Do not underestimate the power of this Ancient System as can prove to be a tool that changes everything in your life taking you to Zero and allowing your true self to shine through.

Source by Wayne Hagerty