Great Ideas For Golf Tournament Gifts

There are lots of options when it comes to offering golf tournament gifts to participants of a fundraiser event. However, you should bear in mind the participants, the budget and the purpose of the event. You could offer a golf gift to the top ten finishers. While these can be simple, the main winner should get a grand prize. The value of the gifts can be decided by the amount of money the sponsor is willing to give.

Corporate Events

In a corporate golf event, the gifts would almost always be corporate promotional products. These events cultivate team spirit and corporate loyalty. You should give enough attention to selecting gift ideas that include tee prizes, good bags, best golfer, worst golfer and the winner of the tournament. Your prizes can also be a holiday for the players or a dinner at a restaurant as golf tournament gifts. Other gift options can be business card cases, desk clocks, pen set, golfer statue, picture frame, memo holder, miniature trophy etc. It is better to purchase these gifts from a specialty shop.

Charity Events

Charity tournament is one of the popular kinds of golf tournament. The gifts should be less costly in this type of event and can even be donated. The gifts can be golf tees, beverage coolers, golf balls, coupons to local vendors and stickers. However, the major prizes should be appealing enough to attract the participants. The prizes can be golf apparel, golf trips, golfing packages and golf bags.

Community Events

Communities arrange golf tournaments either to increase involvement or to raise money for a purpose. Companies and vendors may sponsor the golf tournament gifts. While the gifts can be accessories like golf balls and golf tees, the grand prize can be a golf weekend gateway or membership to a club for a year.

Unique Gifts

You can offer golf tees with the tournament’s name printed on them to all the golfers. If you have a sponsor, the logo of the sponsor can also be imprinted. Likewise, ball markers and golf balls can also be imprinted with names. All these are unique golf gifts. You can also offer intermediate prizes for events such as closest to the pin, longest putt and longest drive. The gift options can be a hat, shirt, golf balls, golf towel and gift certificates.

If you want to add some humor to the tournament, you can consider golf gag gifts. This can be given to the worst golfer or to the one who lost the most balls. You can think about an un-puttable ball or a floating ball for the worst golfer. For the main winner, a customized club or a wood putter is a great idea. Other golf tournament gifts can be discount cards and membership cards for golf clubs. Although trophies are standard prizes, unique golf gifts would be better.

Source by Apurva Shree

Factors to Consider When Creating a Fish Pond Design

There are many factors to consider when creating a fish pond design. There is nothing worse than installing a fish pond and having problems with location of the pond. Building many fish ponds myself, I would like to share my expertise with you. I have made mistakes, but have learned from them doing research with other pond builders. Here are the major factors to consider before you start building your own fish pond.

  • Location of pond-First and foremost you must consider the location of your pond. Pond should be located were it will get some shading from the afternoon sun. Consider yourself sitting in the full sun unprotected, the same goes for fish. If you have ever fished in a lake were the sun is brightly shining, how do you find the fish? Right, in the shade. It is important to watch your afternoon sun and where the shadows are cast, this will help determine location of your pond.
  • Type of soil-Another important factor to consider is the type of ground that you will be digging your pond in. Is the ground rocky or just dirt? Unless you own a backhoe, you probably are digging your fish pond by hand. That is why soil type is so important. If you have easy digging then you could use the prefab type liner, but for all my ponds I prefer the rubber liner. The rubber liner gives you more flexibility with your design.
  • Electrical to your pond-You need to consider the electric power to your pond. You will need a circuit for your pond for the pump motor that will take the water from your pond through your filter media. Other electrical items to consider are lighting, UV clarifier, and any other items that might need power. Remember not to locate your pond to far from the electrical supply, or the cost will be more depending on distance. Be sure to consult an electrician if not sure of yourself with electrical.
  • Pond filtration-There are many ways you can do your filtration, but what I suggest is to base your choice on the size of your pond. Naturally a larger pond is going to need better filtration. Many larger ponds use a skimmer box along with a waterfall which contains filter media. My rule is to always size your filtration to the next size based on the number of gallons of water in your pond. There are many types of filters available; pressurized, non-pressurized, above ground, in the pond filtration. If you base your filtration on gallons of water you will be fine to select the proper system.
  • Pump motor-There are basically two types of pump motors; submerged and above ground. I have used both types. Here are a couple things to consider. If you have a large pond and it is over 4′ deep you might want to stay away from the submerged type of pump. For obvious reasons like, maintenance which requires pulling up your pump can be quite a difficult task if you need to wade in water that might be over your head. In this case you would need an above water pump. If your pump is accessible by hand a submersible pump will work for you.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when creating a fish pond design. I have just shown you the major factors to consider. There are other things to consider once you have your pond installed. For more information on ponds and fish visit Taking Care of Koi Fish.

Source by Jerry Standefer

Is Your Relationship Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb?

What would you guess is the number one cause of divorce or break-ups in relationships? Affairs? Money issues? Boredom? Let me give you a hint:

Albert Einstein said the following: “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”

If you read that quote carefully you will see the ticking time bomb that is vibrating beneath 85% of today’s relationships. Let’s break it down.

“Men marry women with the hope they will never change.” Why? Because once a man gives up his precious and hard-won freedom for a woman, and asks her to share his world with him, he has decided this is the person who fills his life. She brings to him something he can’t get on his own. He pictures a lifetime of love, support, and joy with this woman. He is probably physically attracted to her. His hope is all these factors never change.

“Women marry men with the hope they will change.” Let’s face it, ladies. We are sooo guilty of this trait. We see a man’s potential. He has a beer gut? We will encourage him to hit the gym once the ring is on our finger. He’s not making six figures? With our encouragement and support he soon will be. His mother is too involved in his life? Once the honeymoon is over… so is Mother’s visits. We don’t like his haircut, choice of golf shirts, time with the boys, TV shows… the list goes on and on. With a little help, spit and polish, this guy could be quite a catch. Do you see the difference between the two quotes?

I’ve worked with women for over 30 years. I’ve interviewed over 2,000 men. I know that the previous statements are true. And if you can’t discern where that ticking noise is coming from, let me clue you in.

When a person is constantly put under a microscope in an effort to see all his faults, flaws and shortcomings, that person begins to diminish. His life is now one of constant criticism, hints, silent treatments, rages and picking apart his dreams. I’ve seen it so many times. It starts out as what the woman perceives as harmless suggestions about his hygiene, fashion sense, choice of friends, etc. Her intentions are honorable, right? I mean, she is only trying to help the poor guy have a better life, correct?

If you look deeper at the real motivation behind women trying to “better” their partners you will see the real impetus. It’s her own feelings of low self-esteem. She needs the world, especially her friends and family, to see her with someone amazing. This human being she married is a reflection of what she was able to capture, and in a sense is a yardstick of how she “measures up.” His annoying traits may be mirroring ones in herself she is not happy with. On a subconscious level she feels by “straightening” him out, she has addressed her own issues.

The reason belittling, undermining, insulting and undervaluing your mate is so dangerous and harmful is that it will eventually erode his feelings for you, and for himself. Affairs are usually started due to a person’s need to feel loved and admired, at any cost. We are shutting down the very person we chose to love and be with. Why is it so important to us to now pick them apart? Seriously, who gave you the right or the power to take another person’s self-esteem and stomp it into the ground?

You can defuse the bomb by one simple trick: Start looking at him with eyes of love and appreciation. He is human. He is going to screw up on occasion, just like you do. The next time you feel tempted to point out something he did wrong, think about your last mistake. Did you spill the milk? Break a dish? Run late for work? Lose the car keys? We become so accustomed to ignoring our own flaws as we go about with a magnifying glass and a sniper gun waiting for our loved one to mess up. Nothing… and I mean NOTHING will kill a relationship faster.

Please… let him breathe. Let him be human. When you start appreciating him for all he does for you, how hard he tries to do the best he can with what he’s got, you will begin to lose the habit of blame and belittling. You will see this guy blossom before your eyes as he feels loved and admired. The men I surveyed listed being admired and appreciated as the top two things they craved from their women. Take it from them, and you will see someone who has become a shell of his former self.

If you continue to feel the need to be in control and hurt others, you need to address your low feelings of self-worth. You can only give away what you have inside. If you can’t give love, appreciation and support, then there is a hole inside you that needs to be addressed.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a favorite quote of mine: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Believe me–when you change how you see him, and view him only through eyes of love and appreciation, he will change. But not for the self-serving reasons we listed earlier. Rather, he will become the man HE always wanted to be and you will have a relationship fairy tales were built upon.

Source by Rebecca F Pittman

10 Ways to Get a Shower on the Road

Hello travelers, people living out of a vehicle and other awesome folks, here are 10 Ways to Get a good Shower On The Road.

1) At a campground Campground showers vary from one place to the next. Some are excellent, some use solar power so you are out of luck if it’s after dark, and others are not heated at all. Water pressure is also a variable. Some have consistent water pressure while others will only get a weak stream when someone hops in the shower next to you or runs the sink. Campground showers can vary from deluxe with your own private changing room to just a primitive curtain or in rare instances, nothing at all. Some are well kept and impeccably clean and others you get to share with a few spiders and other mystery guests.

2) A community pool is another option. You may have to pay a few bucks to use the pool, but the showers are generally free. And hey, why not go swimming while you’re at it? They usually only accept cash and hours are limited.

3) Get a 5 gallon solar shower These are pretty cheap, usually less than $20 for a simple one, and can be quite useful when you’re roughing it. If you leave it in the sun for a few hours you’ll have a hot shower. If it’s not hot enough, a cup of near boiling water should do the trick. Just don’t burn yourself! If privacy is still a concern, for around $70 you can get a portable privacy shelter, such as the Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo. It works great for car camping.

4) The Solo 465 Stainless Steel Sprayer can be used as a medium pressure camp shower. Several people have commented they place it on a stove top burner and heat it up, then pressurize it and then it’s shower time. My friend tried this by pouring hot water into a 2 gallon plastic sprayer tank that he had and it made a great shower. It uses about 40 ounces per minute so that is a 6 minute shower using only two gallons. Another suggestion is to shower with Dawn Direct Foam soap instead of bar soap, then when it’s empty, you can refill it with your own scented soap and distilled water. The foaming soap lather won’t be affected by hard water. And it works for dishes too.

5) Get a day pass to a local fitness club. They usually run just $5 to $10, have really nice showers, and there is no excuse not to get a great workout while you’re at it!

6) Stop at a road house or large gas station such as Flying J, TA or Pilot, and other road trip stops with amenities for travelers and truckers alike. These tend to be some of the nicest showers you can get on the road as you get your own private bathroom with plenty of hot water and water pressure. Plus you get your own sink and toilet. Towels and soap are usually provided though you’re welcome to bring your own supplies. The cost is usually between $5 and $10 USD. If you’re traveling with your significant other, they’re usually willing to let you pay the one fee for a shared room. If you’re a little hard up for cash and feeling brave, you can also try asking a trucker if he or she has an extra shower coupon. Truckers often get free shower coupons when they buy gas and may have an extra to give away (or sell for a buck or two).

7) Visit a friend, relative or make a new acquaintance and ask to use their shower…sure, you might get a funny look, but what are friends for?

8) Try the “It Makes Sense Shower head.” You still need a water supply, but this device will help you save water. You can take a hot shower using very little water which is helpful when you’re on the road, so long as you don’t mind the chill in between the water spray. It has a chain to pull to adjust the flow of the water from a full spray to a trickle while you lather. It’s similar to a navy shower, and great for conserving water.

9) Zodi Hot Tap Single Burner Travel Shower runs off propane and 4 D batteries, so you can get a hot shower any time of day at the push of a button. It holds 4 gallons of water which is good for a 10 minute shower. Costs about $130

10) Hotels with swimming pools will sometimes let you use their pool for a small fee, and usually have public showers.

Source by Sandra Long

The Function of a Sand Water Filter and Its Benefits

A sand water filter has different functions. It is a filter made out of sand that helps to get contaminants out of water (H2O), including sand itself and particles similar to it. They are composed of many levels of gravel and sand that ultimately become more fine. It is ironic that sand is one of the substances that the filter takes out of drinking sources. The technology employed to make these items is over one hundred years old, and the filters are more commonly used in less developed nations today.

These filters are known for removing solid particles out of drinking supplies. People who get their water from municipalities do not need these items, as city departments already perform this function. It is people who get their supply from a private source, such as wells, who would get the most use out of a sand filter. If a homeowner’s well H2O supply is thoroughly tested to be free of debris, then a sand filter would in fact be all that he or she needs.

Sand filters are not constructed to clean water that is tainted with tiny particles. These are the types that can not be seen within a clear container of liquid. Other than in the situation of a natural drinking source, this type of filter would need to be used in conjunction with another one. In a lot of cases, the second filter also needs to take out particulates, which are tiny particles not visible to the human eye.

One of the best uses of a sand filter is for a swimming pool. They are a lot less costly than cartridge filters are. Nonetheless, while some money will be saved when the initial purchase of the filter is made, having a sand filter can very well result in a higher bill for water each month. This is since it takes more H2O to clean and wash such a filter than it would otherwise.

For homeowners with pools which are near trees, a sand filter is their best bet. The dirt from the surrounding area can more easily block up cartridge filters. This would require cleaning the filters a few times each week, which can get both tedious and expensive after a while.

In conclusion, sand filters have been around for over a century. They are ideal for filtering out contaminants from wells and swimming pools, though they can lead to bigger H2O bills where pools are concerned.

Source by V K Rajagopalan

How to Get Dansko Shoes on Sale

Are you looking for Dansko shoes on sale? If so your not the only one. There are many shoe lovers out there searching for good prices on these shoes.

Why are Dansko shoes such a big deal?

I want you to take a minute to remember those long hard days at work. Your job requires you to stand, and walk all day long. You finally get to go on your 30 minute break, and get the chance to sit down. You almost scream while you hurry to take off your shoes because your feet are throbbing with pulse-pounding pressure. They hurt beyond belief, and you wonder how on earth your going to do this job for the next few days, much less the next few years.

Now remember when you were at the store a few months ago trying on a pair of shoes that felt really, really comfortable. Remember how much room your feet had, and how good the support was. Only thing wrong is the fact that you didn’t buy them. But just thinking about them at this moment while you try with all your might to rub the pain out your feet makes them feel just a little bit better. It’s quite amazing how a pair of good quality shoes can change your whole attitude about work.

There are a few major factors that will come up over and over again when you read people’s reviews about shoes:

1 – These shoes are extremely durable, lasting for 3+ years. People who purchased them did not have to buy anymore for quite sometime.

2 – These shoes are very comfortable which is the most important factor for most people who work a 9 to 5 job. They are highly recommended for those who work long hours.

3 – These shoes are stylish, and very attractive, your guaranteed to get many compliments. The best thing is also the decent prices Dansko shoes have given the excellent quality.

So how do you find a good Dansko shoe sale?

There are a few online stores that you can purchase these shoes from. Some have low prices while others give coupons and discounts. Some also offer free shipping, and return shipping if you need to return your shoes.

In order to find the right store you will have to really do some time consuming searching. You will also need to know how to pick the right online store that will give you the best online deal. Your best choice is to find someone who really knows how to find deals, sales, closeout prices, and coupons.

To find the best discount prices and Dansko shoes on sale, hurry over to Dansko Deals Blog. It has some very good deals listed, and it will save you a whole ton of time trying to find them yourself.

Source by Sonya White

How to Rig a Spinner For Trout Fishing

More than twenty years ago I was taught a great technique for rigging spinners for trout fishing. In reality this method can be used for rigging spinners for fish other than trout, but it is most effective when used in the flowing waters of a river or stream. The man who taught me this method was a bait fisherman and needed an efficient way to change from bait fishing to spinner fishing as fishing conditions changed.

The first thing to keep in mind when using spinners for trout fishing is that light line and small spinners should be employed. Your fishing line should be six-pound test at the heaviest, and your spinners should be between 1/12 and ¼ ounce. The spinners that you use should be the size of the quarry that trout normally eat, which is normally quite small.

Now, let’s get down to how to rig a spinner for trout fishing shall we? Start by grabbing the end of your line and cutting off a piece of line between eighteen and twenty four inches. Set this piece of line aside. Now tie a small barrel swivel onto the end of the line coming from the end of your rod, size 10 to 18 will suffice. Once your barrel swivel is attached, take the piece of line you cut off and tie this onto the opposite end of the barrel swivel.

At this point tie your spinner onto the other end of the piece of line you had previously cut off. What you have now is your spinner on the end of your line, and your barrel swivel twelve or so inches above your spinner. Having this barrel swivel between you spinner and the end of your rod will help prevent line twist and make the spinner perform as it was designed.

This way of rigging a spinner is very effective, but also very light. You’re going to need to add some weight to effectively cast your spinner rig. This is accomplished by adding split shot sinkers to your line above the barrel swivel. By adding split shot sinker you will get the necessary weight for casting.

This way of rigging a spinner for trout fishing helps to prevent line twist and allows your spinner to perform in the manner it was designed. This makes a huge difference in the number of bites you receive. Now you know how to rig a spinner for trout fishing. Give it a shot and find out for yourself just how effective this method is.

Source by Trevor Kugler

Intex Seahawk 400 Inflatable Boat Review

The Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable boat is a recreational craft that is great for boating or fishing on calm rivers, ponds, and lakes. Although not an inflatable kayak or canoe per se, the Intex Seahawk 400 caters to the person who would like a sturdy inflatable boat to use for a variety of recreational activities.


The Intex Seahawk 400 is made of 30 gauge PVC vinyl that is surprisingly sturdy and rugged. 30 gauge vinyl will resist damage from impacts, abrasions, sunlight, as well as rocks and logs. This type of vinyl is also unaffected by saltwater, gasoline, or oil. No extra precautions are needed for saltwater boating or motors.

This inflatable is constructed with two air chambers as well as an inner hull chamber and an inflatable floor. Other features include welded oarlocks, along with two fishing rod holders that are located on opposite ends of the craft.


One of the nice aspects of the Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable boat is that everything that is needed to get on the water quickly is included. The boat comes with oars that are collapsible, plus two inflatable seats. The company also throws in a small gear bag, some rope and two fishing pole holders that were mentioned above.

When inflated, this inflatable boat is extremely sturdy, probably due to the 30 gauge material that is used throughout its construction. Although the manufacturer suggests that the boat can handle up to four people, (maximum of 814 pounds) we recommend that two people plus gear, such as a cooler and other assorted traveling items, are a perfect fit for an all-day excursion.


One interesting aspect of the Intex Seahawk 400 is that the inflatable floor section does not have the same kind of valves as the other inflatable compartments. It is smaller and cheaper and not as easy to use. Some users complain that the floor is not a sturdy as the other parts of the boat itself.

If you plan on doing a lot of fishing with this inflatable boat, keep in mind that it's almost impossible to stand up while fishing. It is even a challenge to have two people fishing in the boat at the same time. Also keep in mind that the craft is inflatable, so you'll need to keep those fishing hooks and other sharp objects off the floor or anywhere near an area that can be punctured.

We found that the Intex Seahawk 400 was very difficult to maneuver when there is a lot of wind. Because it is a boat and not shaped like a kayak or canoe, it is much more difficult to steer unless the water is calm and there is not a lot of wind present. We suggest that you not use this boat for long excursions far away from shore. The last thing you want is a sudden storm to come up while trying to have it your way back to shore and heavy winds.


Amazingly, the Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable boat is priced under $ 100. At that price, there is certainly a lot of value for your money. In fact, you may be able to buy the Seahawk 400 on Amazon for less than $ 70. That is not much more that you would pay for a simple blow up raft that you would use in your backyard pool!

Overall value

The size, sturdy construction and overall price of this inflatable boat model make it a terrific choice for those who want an inflatable craft that can be used in a variety of recreational situations. You will not be able to use this inflatable boat on quick moving streams and rivers, but for calmer waters, it is a terrific choice.

Source by Jonathon Mendleheisen

Bahamas Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go

Bahamas weather is predictable in the fall when the islands usually receive a high amount of rain, but it doesn’t stop Caribbean vacationers from flocking there.

The islands are the most popular tourist destination in the region – mainly because of the large number of cruise visits embarking from various U.S. ports along the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast.

Weather in the Bahamas is cooler and rainier than most other places in the region.

Bahamas Temperatures

Even though the islands are thought of as a Caribbean destination, in reality they lie north of the Caribbean.

The northern location results in cooler air and water temperatures from late fall to early spring.

The average monthly high temperature is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

The average monthly low temperature is 69.5 degrees. The average Bahamas temperature is among the lowest in the region in part because the islands lie north of all other Caribbean destinations.

Bahamas Rain by Month

The average monthly rainfall is among the highest at 4.6 inches a month.

The average monthly rain days is nearly 12 per month, also among the highest. According to the WMO, the average number of rain days by month are:

  • January – 8
  • February – 6
  • March – 7
  • April – 8
  • May – 10
  • June – 15
  • July – 17
  • August 19
  • September – 17
  • October – 15
  • November – 10
  • December -18

Bahamas weather in July, August and September has average monthly high temperatures at about 89 degrees, while peak temperatures bottom at less than 80 degrees from December through March.

Rain averages about 7.4 inches a month from June through October with a yearly high of 9.3 inches and 19 rain days in August.

Rainfall is only 1.9 inches a month from December through March.

Best Time to Go to Bahamas

The best time to go to the Bahamas is late spring because of a combination of warm temperatures and lower risk of rain.

Anyone planning to visit the islands who wants to enjoy ocean swimming should avoid Bahamas weather in December through March because of cool weather.

If cool beaches and water aren’t an issue, winter is a good time to visit because of the low chances for rain.

Visitors also should avoid Bahamas weather in June through October – and especially June and August – because of rain.

Source by Scott Bateman

Brad Pattison Vs Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer” operates mainly under the philosophy of using calm, assertive energy, and that energy and body language can greatly influence a dogs behaviour. His main concept, in order of importance, is that a dog needs 1. Exercise, 2. Discipline, 3. Affection, exactly in this order. Many problems can be solved by giving the dog more exercise in a structured environment. Not all problems, of course; and he is right; a lot of owners do not give their dogs enough exercise and mental stimulation. He will work with any dog, regardless of it’s level of aggression. Also, he states in his book, Cesar’s Way, that a lot of problems stem from the fact that people think of their dogs not as animal, dog, breed then name, but as humans, they humanize their dogs too much. Growing up in Mexico, he did not see the kind of issues dogs in America have, as Americans humanize their dogs when they should be letting them just be dogs and treated as such.

Obviously, his methods do work, as the dogs do get rehabilitated and he has shown time and again, the same owners a few years down the road; and the dog is still rehabilitated; unlike what some will say that his methods create a ticking time bomb; if this were so, he would have had many of his own dogs he has rehabilitated and clients dogs, revert to their former dangerous and aggressive states.

The concept of being the pack leader and remaining calm and assertive at all times are obviously excellent guidelines to follow. Also, and again, contrary to what some have said that his methods are to get a dog aggressive then alpha roll the dog and exert your dominance over the dog; what he states is to correct behaviours at the slightest sign before they escalate into a ‘red zone’., or more problematic behaviour. If a dog is over reactive to a particular stimulus, for example, the case of the rottweiler reacting strongly to any sounds, such as shopping carts, skateboards, etc, his methods are to desensitize the dog by exposing the dog to the particular stimulus over and over, while giving it light touch corrections (and he does emphasize light touch, not hitting), until the dog does not react any longer. Same for his leash training methods, to lightly correct the dog if it pulls ahead; and to make sure you are in the lead or the dog is beside you on the walk, so that the dog does not get ahead of you, as it will then think it is the pack leader of the walk.

His methods seem to be right on the mark; but I will say that the alpha roll technique should not be used by anyone other than a very very experienced person; and possibly not used at all; as (and he does mention this in his book) no one should alpha roll an aggressive dog (although he does with apparent success); or you could get hurt very easily, and this is a rule to follow to the letter, as most dogs, if in an aggressive state, will not tolerate being rolled; and will attack; there are some that say that the only time a dog will roll another onto its back is right before it kills it. Dogs will voluntarily roll onto their backs with another dog around, but it has to happen willingly.

The only other aspect of Cesar’s training is the use of ‘whatever tool the owner is using’; which is fine except when the tool happens to be a prong collar. Prong collars are not comfortable to a dog; and this is only my opinion; but should not be used in most cases; as this does mask your dog obeying you for the simple reason that it respects you as it’s leader; and instead controls by discomfort. Other than this, I would recommend any of Cesar’s books, videos, etc; but use common sense and when he says a method should not be used without consulting a professional, then dont use it. Just follow the main concepts.

That is one thing I will give Brad Pattison; on one episode, when he was going through the owner’s house as he usually does; he found a prong collar and made fun of it and threw it out. Good for him on that one. He also does not recommend choke collars or shock collars.

Surprisingly, his main concept is that dogs learn by body language; which happens to be the same concept as Cesar Millan, although their methods are not similar in all respects.

If a dog misbehaves, he will, for one thing, if it is not being exercised enough, recommend more exercise, but uses the umbilical technique. Tying a 6 foot leash to your waist and the other end attached to the dog. He often will recommend keeping the dog on this umbilical for 2 hours a day, which can be done while you are doing other things; like preparing dinner, feeding the baby, etc. This is an excellent method that works well for all dog owners; the only thing is he gets carried away with the activities you can still do while having a dog on umbilical; and once demonstrated having a dog on umbilical while mowing the lawn, he pushed a mower around with a dog tied to his waste; not good thing to be doing if there are kids watching that may try this on their own.

People comment on his personality being a bit brusque; and it is; but in a lot of cases the owners aren’t taking the situation seriously and need brusque treatment to get their butts in gear so to speak. The odd time, he is a bit unnecessarily rude but usually there is a logical reason for his attitude towards the owners.

He does focus on fixing the family situation that is going on, which comes from his experience also being a life coach, which is usually a nice touch. He seems very good at getting owners’ dogs to obey them off leash and to learn to be in a situation where they will not run off if they are not fenced in, which is very important; I don’t know how many times I have been at a dog park with my own dogs and seen other people’s dogs run out onto the road, thankfully they have not gotten run over, but the owner is behind them, yelling for the dog, which obviously is not listening and tuning them out. This is another method he uses; to tell the owners not to talk to their dogs for 2 weeks; and instead use body language and energy (similar to Cesar Millan); as humans tend to talk too much to their dogs, then when you need them to listen, they will tune you out.

Also, he condemns the use of food as a training tool, and calls it a masking technique. It is true that excessive use of food or food only as a training reward will create a dog that does not listen 100% of the time if it is not interested in food at the moment; or if it sees something that has a higher attraction for it that food – another playful dog, toy, squirrel, etc. This seems to be a grey area. Many successful trainers do use food. I believe there may be situations where use of food is acceptable, which Cesar has demonstrated in a few cases; for example dogs that have excessive fear issues; or rewarding a dog off of a negative behaviour (barking at a stimulus), and if used as a reward and not a bribe, it works.

It does run the risk of the dog performing a behaviour for the food and not you; so be very careful to wean the dog off the food after a time. Some trainers use food excessively and this is wrong. There may be a time when you have for example, forgotten to bring food, etc. Cut the reward down to giving food every second time, then every third time, etc; until the food reward is replaced with affection.

Or, you can use Brad’s advice and not use food at all; but I do not feel, that use of food as a training tool is, 100% wrong in every situation. People do go overboard with the treat training, as I have said and use it as a bribing tool not a reward.

In one show, a family is having trouble with their dog rushing out the gate; in this one show, he grabbed the dog and raised his voice in several sentences to the dog; so these few instances when he uses this ‘training method’ of raising his voice in a long rant to the dog, does not seem appropriate or too professional, it is this type of instance that makes a person wonder; but on the whole, his other concepts of umbilical – dogs learning from body language, not talking excessively to your dog; seem to be fine.

So basically, between the two; one of the main concepts that seems to be a common theme is the use of body language and energy to control your dog. Who has better methods? Well, it is like comparing apples to oranges.

Personally, I will at times still use food to bond with my dog, not for training, but as an occasional reward. I do tend to watch the Dog Whisperer more than At the End of My Leash, simply because it is a bit more varied, and seems gentler. (Obviously except for the extreme aggression cases where the dog is rolled, etc; ). And I will never agree with prong collars, which Brad does not advocate. Maybe I watch it more as Cesar has a more appealing personality and seems like a gentle soul. At any rate, use common sense and whatever method works best for your dog. There are positive training tips and techniques to be learned from both. Do not, as both advocate; let the dog rule the house, make sure you are the pack leader; but do so in a calm assertive manner.

Source by Nancy Sobry