Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

Tennis elbow and golf elbow, are both forms of tendonitis. Golf elbow is an inflammatory condition of the elbow which in some ways is similar to tennis elbow. In terms of prevention and treatment it is recommended exercises to strengthen your forearm muscles and elbow. Use light weights or squeeze a tennis ball or exercise with the Powerball Hand Gyroscope. Even simple exercises can help your muscles better absorb the energy of sudden physical stress.

The primary differences between Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow are the location of the pain and the activity that leads to injury. However, both conditions are caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, leading to inflammation and pain around the elbow joint.

Tennis Elbow

– Sports participants, especially racquet sport players, are prone to developing tennis elbow. About a third of regular tennis players experience tennis elbow at some point in their careers. In addition to racquet sports, tennis elbow is seen in golfers, fencers, and other sports participants.

– Jobs that may lead to tennis elbow include plumbers, painters, gardeners, and carpenters.

– Most patients with tennis elbow are between the ages of 35 and 65 years old, and it affects about an equal number of men and women.

Golf Elbow

– Golf is one common cause of these symptoms, but many other sport- and work-related activities can cause the same problem.

– Another common cause of this injury is with weekend carpenters who use hand tools on occasion.

– It is most common in men ages 20 to 49 – but the condition can affect anyone who repetitively stresses the wrists or fingers.


1. Strengthen your forearm muscles.

Use light weights or squeeze a tennis ball or exercise with the Powerball Hand Gyroscope. Even simple exercises can help your muscles better absorb the energy of sudden physical stress.

2. Stretch before your activity.

Walk or jog for a few minutes to warm up your muscles. Then take time for gentle stretching before you begin your game.

3. Fix your form.

If you golf, ask an instructor to check your grip and swing technique. Swinging the club more slowly or gripping the club with less pressure may decrease the amount of shock in your arm when you hit the ball. A club with a flexible shaft may help, too.

4. Lift smartly.

When lifting anything – including free weights – keep your wrist rigid and stable to reduce the force transmitted to your elbow.

It’s also important to know when to rest. At the first sign of elbow pain, take a break. In addition to self-care measures, time off is often needed to promote healing.

If you play tennis, ask an instructor to check your technique for hitting a forehand. You may need to decrease your topspin. The racket size and tension of the strings are important, too.

Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow Exercises with the Powerball Gyroscope

It is the perfect instrument to gently rehabilitate lower forearm and wrist joints affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury RSI, arthritis or previous breakage. It is great tool to strengthen your forearm muscles and elbow.

– Unique therapeutic quality (gently stress damaged areas)

– recommended by chiropractors,

– need to exercise just 5-7 min a day,

– fun,

– small size (you can use it anytime and anywhere),

Source by Karel Micek

Michael Phelps Facts – Already a Gold Medal Millionaire Ready to Become a Billionaire

Here are some interesting statistics and facts about Michael Phelps

If you were to count Michael Phelps worth in gold he is valued at about Three million. In fact the 2008 Olympics are in all probability worth ten times that amount of money per year. That information is one reason why the current crop of Olympic athletes begin their quest for Olympic gold at an early age.

Here are some more interesting Michael Phelps facts —

Merchandising experts stated that Phelps who’s now the most victorious Olympian with 12 Olympic gold medals, will turn out to be the wealthiest pro swimmer ever, far above the income attained by Mark Spitz.

Some are speculating that Phelps can easily rake in a billion dollars. With that kind of money it’s safe to say that he may not need to apply for a real job. He can easily live on that kind of money for the next fifty years.

The Olympic Games have become a huge business since the Olympics granted professional athletes the ability to compete twenty yrs past.

Simply no one has made the kind of money earned by athletic megastars comparable to Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan David Beckham or whose names are globally recognized and have cash registers banging out money everywhere.

Eli Portnoy, chief brand strategist at the Portnoy Group, doubted Phelps — or any Olympian — would match the earning ability of Woods who is calculated to become the 1st billionaire jock by 2010.

More Michael Phelps facts are — Currently, Phelps reportedly brings in almost $five million a yr from endorsements although his agency refused to remark. Portnoy estimates this ascending to approximately thirty million, in the short-run.

Phelps Fact – A Millionaire Already

Phelps is already the prototype of the modern-day American corporate Olympian with the Phelps Machine in full action before he exceeded the record 9 gold tally obtained by Spitz and Carl Lewis, Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi and Soviet gymnast Larysa Latynina.

Phelps, who became a pro swimmer at sixteen and a millionaire by eighteen, has sponsors, agents, lawyers, accountants, charities, his own website in English and Chinese, and even his own logo with a wave-like blue M and red P over his name.

Inside seconds of Phelps’s grabbing his tenth gold medal, Visa issued a special version TV commercial commemorating his title as the most decorated Olympian.

“You need to be out there early and establish your affiliation with the property, Michael Phelps,” said Michael Lynch, head of global sponsorship management at Visa whose relationship with Phelps dates back to 2002.

“His performance here will benefit us as it will add to the visibility we will get through this affiliation … and his earning ability will increase, there’s no question of that.”

One thing is for sure Phelps will also hold the record for cashing in on his Olympic fame, as well he should and those are what I believe to be the most important Michael Phelps facts!

Source by Robert Deangelo

Why Filipinos Are Cute

There are many reasons why Filipinos are cute. For one, they are short in stature. Most Filipino men are only 5’4″-5’6″ tall, while women are on the average only 5’0″ to 5’2″. You do not often get to see Filipino men towering over 6 feet tall, or women over 5’6″, unless they have one or both parents from a different racial background. That is why basketball is one sport the Philippines isn’t good at.

But of course, Filipinos make up for this flaw in other things, like dancing, for instance. Falling short in the height department does not make them feel daunted or anything. In fact, they use their being short to their advantage, excelling in dancing and the like. Indeed, their being short makes them great dancers. They can move about on the floor effortlessly and with grace and flexibility.

Filipinos have a cute sense of humor, too. They have a way of telling jokes that makes you laugh even if they really aren’t that funny at all!

Foreigners also find Filipinos cute because of the way they speak, which is often accompanied by quirky movements or body language. No doubt, many Filipinos are good communicators. They speak with wit and eloquence, but there are as many Filipinos who struggle with their words, especially when talking to foreigners. They have to use body language or sign language to get their message across, and they look so funny and adorable doing that.

Foreigners find the Filipino accent not only cute but endearing, as well. It’s very interesting listening to Filipino women rant about their life in their native language. Even if you don’t understand a word they say, you’ll be drawn to their accent, nonetheless, encouraging you to just simply listen to them.

Another Filipino value or quality you’ll find cute is the Filipino hospitality. When you visit a Filipina’s home, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the whole family. You will be served with and offered the best of everything the family can afford. Quite amusing to see is your Filipino friend going out of her way to impress you. A visit to a Filipino’s house is always a memorable experience, mind you!

Filipinos are typically family-oriented. It’s always a pleasurable experience watching them with their entire family getting together on weekends. When they go on road trips, they practically take their entire home with them. It’s exciting to go on road trips with a Filipino family. They bring along cooked foods or raw foods they can cook later, utensils, and even kitchen gadgets. They cramp everything they can possibly bring in their car or jeep.

While Filipinos are deemed cute in general, it does not mean they do not have a serious side. You may think that being cute makes them easy to get along with, but it does not mean that they are open to the idea of being abused. So besides finding out the reasons why Filipinos are cute, you must also try to dig deeper into their individual personalities and discover more.

Source by Annielyn Summers

The Amazing Benefits of Fish Keeping

Unlike many people who started young in this hobby, I began keeping tropical fish as a hobby when the pace of my career switches to a slower gear and I suddenly realized the need to look for passions in life.

Over the last four years, my hobby of fish keeping has grown in size and depth. Not only have I increased the number of fish tanks from one to seven to-date, I have also experienced with breading of various kind of Cichlids species.

From my observations, many people are discouraged from taking up the hobby due to the perception that it is a chore to maintain the fishes and the fish tank. However, my experience tells me that the benefits of fish keeping greatly outweighed the chores that it requires.

1. Brings Home a Part of Nature

Whenever I see shoals of fishes in the reservoir or pond, there is always an instant rush of joy. As I engross in watching the fish, it gradually put me in a state of mental calm. Water and the fishes has the unique ability to calm the mind and evoke immense joy. I have always been curious about the fishes’ behavior, and always tempted to pursue a more intimate experience with the fishes.

Keeping the fishes at home provides the opportunities to watch the fishes up close and personal. I can study the unique behaviors of the fishes in the tank, which I cannot possibly do even at the reservoir or the pond. For less than a hundred dollars, it is possible to create a miniature piece of nature at home. It is indeed a wonderful and ingenious hobby. It gives me the convenience to appreciate the beauty of tropical fishes as and when I wanted.

It also satisfies my desire to gain more in-depth understanding of fish behavior like an aspiring aqua scientist. Over the last few years, I had experienced the joy of successfully breeding more than ten species of Cichlid fish. I consider this an invaluable and exciting experience not only for myself, but also my family especially my seven-year old son.

Keeping fish also provide another avenue to develop my creative talent – aqua landscaping.

Occasionally, I get to exercise my creativity in landscape design by changing the rock formation in the tank. The whole idea of doing this is to simulate a new environment for the fishes, and allow the fishes to re-establish their territories. This is in fact essential when new fishes are introduced into the tank whereby all territories have been entrenched by existing group of fishes. After changing the entire rock formation, the fishes will reward you instantly by spending the next few hours swimming tirelessly in and out of the new rock formation, trying to familiarize themselves with the new ground and to establish new territory for themselves.

Whenever I am free, I will sit in front of the fish tank and observe the fish, sometime for up to an hour. It is interesting to note that the fish demonstrates many kinds of social behavior that closely resemble human behavior in the corporate world. I will attempt to write another article on more details of these social behavior of fishes.

2. Relaxation

Watching the fish swimming gracefully in the tank with their dazzling colors can indeed put one into deep relaxation and even into a state of trance.

My mind instantly feel more relaxed when I watch the fishes. As I allow my eyes to follow the fishes and be fascinated by the fishes’ graceful body movement and moving colors, I drift deeper into relaxation. It is extremely therapeutic. It is an excellent way to give my mind a break away from work and get a power recharge. With the stress that we experience inevitably in our fast-pace lifestyle, creating channels for relaxation is an important aspect of healthy lifestyle to keep stress at bay and maintain good health.

Together with exercise, meditation and music, fish keeping has added another avenue to enrich my life, helping me to live a fully and healthier life.

3. Education for Children

Most of the children are fascinated by fishes when they see the fish for the first time, usually in the form of a trip to the local fish shop or fish farm. Keeping fish at home can teach the children a few good things:

* They will learn about the habitats of the fish and other aquatic life.

* They learn how to care for the small aquatic animals and plants.

* When they start keeping fish, they will be instilled a sense of responsibility towards another living creature.

* They learn and understand the basic of water treatment and how to maintain suitable water quality for the fish to live and even to stimulate breeding. This knowledge will serve then well in future when they study science and chemistry in school.

* They can witness the life cycle of fish species, which will enable them to appreciate biology.

* Most importantly, they will derive great pleasure from watching the fishes display a varieties of personalities. Through observing the intricate features and behavior of fishes, the children will improve their observation skills.

* The care of fish is a great learning experience for young children. When the child is able to take good care of the fish, they will usually be able to witness successful fish breeding. This will boost their confidence in the hobby as well as their ability.

4. Create Energy Flow at Home

I use the overhead filters for the few bigger tanks in the living room. The water flows down from the filter box through the pipe, creating a soothing water-trickling sound in the living room. As the water flow hit the water surface, strings of water bubbles are created. This bubbles synchronizes perfectly with the sound of water flow, like having a piece of relaxing instrumental music playing continuously.

Visually, it creates a sense of energy flowing ceaselessly at various corner of the living room where the fish tanks are located. From the metaphysical or the Feng Sui point, it creates an energy field operating non-stop at home.

I had started this hobby only four years ago. The immense joy that this hobby brings to my life and my family makes me wonder how I have been so blind to this wonderfully enriching and affordable hobby all this years.

As I discovered more about this hobby, it becomes increasingly addictive. I have no doubt that fish keeping will be a lifetime hobby for me. The vast species of fish, with their interesting and diverse antics, will take more than a lifetime to fully appreciate. Life is indeed wonderful and enriching with the fishes. To me, life has just began with fish keeping.

Source by Jordan Cheng

Eating Seafood – How To Avoid Bones

There are two very simple ways to avoid coming across a hidden bone when eating a fish dish. The first is to buy fish from one of the larger species which have large central spines and few small bones. The second way is to take out the small pin bones from a flat or round fish.

The benefits of the larger and firmer fleshed fish

Tuna and Monk Fish are two prime examples of larger fish. They both have firm textured flesh, strong spines and few of the smaller lateral bones. Tuna being considered very similar to lean Beef, and Monk Fish on a par with Prawns and Lobster. The recipe alternatives from around the world for both fish are enormous. Check on the Internet for cooking suggestions from the simple to the more complex. You will be able to create a wonderful bone-free meal.

How to remove bones from the more complex species of fish

A few years ago I dined with a business associate who ordered Whitebait as a starter. Whitebait are the tiny pencil thin fish coated in milk, seasoned flour, deep fried and eaten whole. My colleague decided to fillet all the fish. It took him a while, to concern the waiting and kitchen staff who were wondering how long it would before serving the main course.

His expectation of a boneless piece of fish was a little extreme. With most people the concern is to remove the hidden, lurking throat assassin – the small pin bone. Ask help from your fish supplier to remove them, and state your concerns about any remaining in the fish you buy. If on your return home you still find a bone in the fillet then try another fish supplier next time.

If help is not at hand then complete the task on your own. You can easily find the bones. They are usually either in the stomach wall or down the length of the fish in the centre of the fillet. Gently feeling around will find them. Using a set of tweezers will remove the smaller bones, with a small filleting knife coming handy to cut out the bones in the stomach wall. You will end up with a totally bone free fillet and be able to cast all your worries aside.

With some types of firm textured flat fish, such as Dover Sole, the fish will not need filleting. You will find that after cooking, the fillet can easily be removed from the carcass of the fish.

Source by Henry Lord

What is the Morgan’s Little Miami Triathlon and How to Train For It

When many people think of triathlons they think of the most famous one which is the Iron Man triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. The first one was held in 1979 and soon after that event, some people in Cincinnati Ohio decided to have their own version of a triathlon creating Morgan’s Little Miami Triathlon. It involves running and biking but instead of swimming, it has a canoe or kayak leg. Both Cincinnati bike repair and Cincinnati bike dealers in Ohio offer great deals on all of the equipment you may need to train for this event. This article will describe more details about this race as well as how to train to be able to finish it successfully.

Morgan’s Little Miami Triathlon is the oldest and biggest triathlon of its kind in the United States celebrating it’s 30 year this season. The course starts out with a 6 mile canoe for two person teams or kayak for a single racer, a 5.5 mile run that includes some trail running, and an 18 mile bike ride. It has always been a competition for two person teams but just recently they added the single person event that may use a kayak to race instead of a canoe. They offer two identical races, one in June and one in October in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. It has been a longtime tradition for many fitness and adventurous spirits.

In order to complete such a challenging athletic event, it is imperative to be physically ready for the race. You should spend at least 2 months of steady training to complete this event with quite a bit of cross training. Most people know how to run and ride a bike but many are unfamiliar with the correct way to canoe or kayak. There are several canoe and kayak outfitters in the area especially along the Little Miami River where the race will take place. Find out which one may offer canoe lessons and have your partner and yourself take a few lessons to be comfortable with maneuvering the canoe.

Once you are comfortable in how to handle your canoe or kayak it is time to do some conditioning to get ready for the long triathlon. You should be exercising 6 times per week with one day of total rest. A good plan to follow would be to run 3 times a week, bike 3-4 times a week and to do canoe or upper body strengthening exercises 3 times a week. The key is to start out slowly and developing a good base of endurance. To get a good base in your training it is important to train well below a certain heart rate for at least 2 weeks.

Since the majority of people that do this race are doing it with a partner, try to train with your partner as much as possible to know what type of shape and pace they will be able to maintain. You want to be able to stay strong as a unit, not just individually.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

Teen Suicide Survivor

The Pistol Star

“He’s gone”, these words can mean all kinds of things to billions of different people, but when spoken to me on the night of December 7th, 2005, they only had one meaning, one meaning to one simple phrase that consists of two simple words that completely, single-handedly destroyed my picture-perfect life. The power of these two words were unbelievable, they crushed my heart, destroyed my faith, and broke any hope for love in my life. I could never trust anyone for as long as I live on this planet. Two simple words: “he’s gone”, Spoken to me with such ease they cut me like strong, powerful sharp blades and ripped my soul ’til it bled and died. “He’s gone” took every tear in my little ten-year old body and poured them into an endless stream of impeccable pain and loss. “He’s gone” continues to replay over and over in my head as I search for an answer in this terrible never ending nightmare of a life. “He’s gone” happened on an ordinary yet unforgettable December day, like any other, but it tore and twisted my life ’til there was nothing left but an empty hole in a little girl’s heart that could never be filled. He’s gone?

The powerful stench of the Richmond Mental Hospital was not like any regular hospital, it was much worse than that. It didn’t look like a hospital, it smelled like one and without a doubt, people were sick. It wasn’t the same kind of sick that I was familiar with. These patients weren’t cut, bleeding, injured, or broken… where I could see. Two weeks had passed without seeing my dad, ever since that horrific night, on October 21st, 2005. I had so many questions but my mom said to act normal, so we wouldn’t upset my dad. We traveled through the hospital’s empty rooms until my dad’s face awoke out of the dark, to greet the life he’d left behind. His face appeared before me, it was exactly how I remembered only… this wasn’t my dad, not at all. No, my dad was always smiling, joyful, funny, and kind. He was the perfect dad that every little girl dreamed of having. The man that sat before me was dead. He was lost, without hope, very much alive and breathing, but he was dead. It was as if his soul had been taken from him and now he was left with a lifeless corpse. The doctors all explained as clearly as they possibly could that my dad was sick, only it was a kind of sick that you couldn’t see with your eyes and a sick that couldn’t be cured with a band-aid or some loving care from your mom. He was diagnosed with clinical depression, these words meant nothing to a ten-year old who’s only worries in life were making her father proud or finishing homework on time, it was never ‘if I’d even have a dad to make proud?’.The more the doctor explained, the more he began to make sense. He also explained what happened before dad left, the night he was “taken” by his depression.

Dad was gone all day. We didn’t know where he went and this wasn’t like him at all. In fact, it was so unlike him that it terrified us to think about what could be happening. My mom had a few ideas. She checked his credit card for some trace on my dad’s whereabouts. We came to find out that on, October 21st, dad drove to South Carolina (approximately two hours from our Georgia home) and purchased a pistol. I could tell from the overwhelming fear in my mom’s eyes as she stormed out of the office that it wasn’t good. We’d never needed a reason to call the police before that night.

In a matter of minutes, my mom had the police in South Carolina looking for my dad; they located him in a hotel room near Calhoun Falls, a quiet town where he must’ve strategically decided to escape to. I curled up into my parents’ bed with my sister and brother as the emergency babysitter waited downstairs for my mom and dad to return. I fell asleep and dreamt of the days that my dad and I would practice basketball together. We spent hours and hours shooting hoops, working on dribbling, passing, and defense. As the coach of every basketball, soccer, and softball team I was involved with throughout my childhood, my dad absolutely loved playing sports. For every single point I scored, I could count on him being on the sidelines cheering me on. After a successful win, my dad and I would drive to the diner and enjoy a victory chocolate shake. He would look at me and say “throw me the ball and watch what I do with it!” with a huge grin on his face. I dreamt that those days would never end, that he’d be here again and by my side forever. I dreamt of running to a place where there was no pain, no loss, no terrifying thoughts that he wouldn’t return, no fear, and definitely no crying. In a place like this, I’d never have to worry about my life breaking apart and my ground being pulled out from beneath my stable, trusting feet. I dreamt of looking into his eyes again, knowing he’d be okay. I dreamt of a world where there was no sickness, or a kind of “sick” that you couldn’t see, no depression, and no hurt. I dreamt of sitting on the wide open countryside, looking into the dark, sad, starry night.

I dreamt of the night that my dad and I drove everywhere and anywhere until we ended up in a place in the middle of nowhere. We looked up into the sky and I glanced up at him, he was deep in thought about something and strangely enough, I knew exactly what he was thinking. Looking up at the stars, I thought about where they came from, where we came from, and where we all went when we left. “What do you think happens… when you die?” I said.

“What do you mean?” he replied.

“Well I like to think we become the stars” I said as we both starred aimlessly into the night sky, “As soon as we die we go up into the sky for all the people who ever loved us to look up at and think about and remember”.

“When I’m gone, you just look up at the sky and I promise I will be there, looking down at you smiling. I’ll be there shining brighter than any star in the sky, just for you”… He said smiling.

I woke up in my dad’s arms as he gently placed me onto my bed and without a single word, he walked out of my room and shut the door, shutting me out of his life in a moment where I wanted nothing more than to be in it. When I wanted nothing but answers, he couldn’t even hear my angry cries for help and to hear him say, “I’ll be here forever and always baby girl”, like he always told me. That night died along with all hope that my dad was fine when the next day came along and he was checked into the hospital. I didn’t know what made him run away, what made him buy that gun, or why he was sick but I hoped and prayed for him to get better soon so I could have my dad back. At this time in my life, I wanted nothing more than to have him with me forever and always, just like he promised.

Two months without having my dad around tore me apart. It made me realize how much he truly meant to me and how much I depend on him. Life without him here is like walking into a dark room not knowing where to go, what to think, or how I got there. You don’t know where to turn or what to do. Life without my dad is like waking up from a nightmare and realizing that everything you just dreamt up in your mind was real. Without him here, I had no hope, no dreams, no happiness or joy, no laughter or smiling; it was living without the life. After two months that felt like a dark twisted trick God was playing, my dad returned.

The return of my dad wasn’t a return at all. He came back but he wasn’t the same. He wasn’t getting any better in fact… in the hospital, he got much worse. Depression had taken him completely and killed the man we all loved and missed; it forced him to live in the pain of dying over and over again. This dark disease that I didn’t know anything about was killing my dad. He was a good person, he didn’t deserve to die. I’d never known anyone to die. I never saw anyone’s life end but sometimes I thought about what it would be like to lose someone. The only thing I could think of was having an arm taken off your body, you’d always feel like it was still there but when you really needed it most, it wouldn’t be there at all and would never come back. When I really needed my dad he was always there, no matter what it was, I could always just look up at him and see the love behind his eyes. Now that he was sick, when I looked up into his eyes all I saw was death. I saw the death of every day we ever spent together, every time he promised he’d be here forever, every warm embrace of his never ending hugs, the comfort of knowing I’d always have someone to love me unconditionally, and the death of my father.

Wednesday December 7th, 2005 5:45 pm, police house resident reports 3 gun shots and strange screams coming from 244 west lane, Alpharetta Georgia. Inside an abandoned house, investigators discover a 47-year old man positioned in the living room of the cold hearted abandoned home, drenched completely in blood and holding a pistol. Deceased. At 5:41 pm the man shot at a target he’d drawn on the wall. 5:43, another shot goes off and hits the target perfectly in the center. 5:45, the man shot himself in the chest and fell to the ground to later be discovered at 6:08 pm on Wednesday December 7th, 2005.

Mark Joseph Beausir was a man that proved to be an amazingly successful father of three children. He was a good man and a caring, faithful husband to Amy Beausir. He was CEO of a successful software company in Alpharetta, Georgia. Six feet Six inches, he stood high and close to God. He was a big guy with a heart that could only be compared to the size of his smile. Mark provided well for his family and was always involved in his church and kids’ lives. He attended church every Sunday and was the coach for every team his three children were involved with. Every chance he got, he would show love to the people that mattered the most and even more love to the people that didn’t matter at all. Mark had an enormous family with so much love and even more heart. He was a beautiful person and lived a magnificent, unbelievable life.

Born on August 14th, 1958, died 47 years later on December 7th, 2005, Mark only lived a short time. Forty seven years of pure love, laughs, and time, 24719556 minutes, 1779848640 heart beats, 296438400 breaths, 121 liters of tears, 38352 hours spent on the computer, 46318400 steps walked, 20160 minutes spent kissing, 10000 chocolate bars, 150 pounds of sugar eaten, and… for this particular person, 4 broken hearts plus one broken promise. When we looked back on my dad’s life, he wouldn’t be remembered by any of this. We’d think of him and think of all the love he gave us and how much he touched our lives. The average human is expected to live to be 72 years old. For this human, he missed 25 Christmases, 25 valentines days, 3 sweet-sixteen parties, 2 weddings of girls walking themselves down the aisle, 1 boy growing into a man, the graduation of three very successful college students he helped raise, the winning point scored, the school record being broken for girls’ high jump, 7 stitches and 3 twisted ankles, he missed mending the broken hearts of a sad teenage girl and breaking the face of one disappointing teenage boy, he missed teaching his kids how to drive for the first time, meeting new boyfriends and girlfriends, hating old boyfriends and girlfriends, he missed seeing the first steps of his grandkids and spoiling them rotten, he missed new inside jokes and reflecting back on old ones, he missed seeing his kids grow up and most of all, we missed him.

The average human spends 63 hours a year laughing, Mark was an extraordinary person but he still had 99225 hours left of endless laughs. Mark still had 788923150 seconds of life to live but his life was taken from him by this heart wrenching darkness we called an illness. He left me behind but I know deep in my heart, he is always going to be by my side. I hope that one day I’ll see him again and I like to think he is still watching over me like he said he would.

There are over 100 billion stars in our universe. On December 7th, 2005 a new class of Supergiant Binary stars was discovered. Among these stars, there was one special one. It was the most gigantic, brightest binary star ever to be discovered. Scientists were amazed at this discovery and named it “The Pistol Star”. It had a solar mass of 80-150 and shined brighter than any other star in the sky, a true miracle.

Tuesday December 7th, 2010, it has been five years since my dad died and it still feels like the same wound opening up every day, it feels like only yesterday my dad was taken from me. I lie down in my bed and I dream. I dream about you, the wonderful father that I lost and will forever miss. I dream of a never ending life absent of fear and pain. I dream of days where the sun never stops shining and you’ll be by my side. I dream of the day you and I drove everywhere and anywhere till we ended up in a place called nowhere. Where I looked up into the sky at the shining stars and wished that you’d be here forever. I looked at you and asked what happened when we died. You looked me straight in the eye and said, “When I’m gone, you just look up at the sky and I promise I will be there, looking down at you smiling. I’ll be there shining brighter than any star in the sky, just for you”. The bright and glorious ‘Pistol Star’ still shines to this day, brighter than any other star in our galaxy. It was born on December 7th, 2005… The day you died.

Source by Kelcie E Beausir

Reduce Hypertension With Deep Relaxation

It is known that hypertension can be caused by stress. It is why we are advised to build some relaxation time into our daily routine. How effective is relaxation is lowering high blood pressure?

I have investigated this by conducting an (unscientific) experiment of my own into deep relaxation. The results were surprising.

Different types of relaxation

There are two types of relaxation:

  1. active relaxation; and
  2. passive relaxation.

When we talk about relaxing, we normally think of passive relaxation such as listening to quiet music, enjoying the beautiful scenery around us or just simply quieting our mind for a while. The more mentally disciplined amongst us might meditate. These methods can lower high blood pressure.

A round of golf or a tennis game might be considered as active relaxation, but these do not necessarily have the same effect as passive relaxation.

My experiment

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to listen to “A Guided Meditation” by Glenn Harrold that had been gathering dust on the shelf since 2003. It induced in me a very deep level of mental and physical relaxation. As it happened, I had my home digital BP monitor near me. The guided meditation lasted for about half an hour, at the end of which, on a whim, I decided to measure my systolic and diastolic pressures.

I measured these pressures again four hours later.

The results surprised me. My morning readings were 140/93 with a pulse rate of 70. Those readings were up a bit on what they normally are, but nevertheless are considered normal for a person of my age.

After listening to “A Guided Meditation”, my readings were 127/80 with a pulse rate of 63. Encouraged by this, I repeated the experiment for the next six days. Then I changed to listening to “Paul McKenna’s Deep Relaxation” CD, which I listened to every day for a week. Co-incidentally, this CD had also been gathering dust on the shelf since 2003.

The results

It must be noted that:

  1. neither “A Guided Meditation” nor “Paul McKenna’s Deep Relaxation” claim to reduce hypertension; and
  2. these programmes are not comparable products.

However, they both lowered my systolic and diastolic pressures significantly, but by different amounts:

  • “A Guided Meditation” consistently resulted in blood pressure readings in the range of 11 to 13 points lower than the measurements I took at the start of the day. The effect was still noticeable, albeit reduced, after four hours.
  • Whereas, “Paul McKenna’s Deep Relaxation” consistently resulted in blood pressure readings in the range of 5 to 7 points lower than the measurements I took at the start of the day. The effect was not measurable after four hours.

I do not claim to have used scientific methodology. Furthermore, the results were specific to me, so my results should be considered as anecdotal evidence. Nevertheless, both sets of results are very good. The beneficial effects of deep relaxation lasted for about four hours.


This piece of rough science confirms that deep relaxation is an effective way of eliminating physical and mental stress, thereby reducing hypertension. Both “A Guided Meditation” and “Paul McKenna’s Deep Relaxation” gave good results for me. Although the benefits only last a few hours, it is still worthwhile as it complements the other methods being used to lower my high blood pressure.

Source by Robert Reddin

Fishing Tackle: Daiwa Exceler 2500S Reel Review

There are so many reasons I enjoy fishing. But I’m I’m passionate about conserving UK fisheries as well as the environment. The fees and taxes that anglers pay for fishing licences and permits help to fund conservation and education efforts throughout the country. Another reason for my avid pursuit of wily fish like carp and pike is that, if you think about it, angling is an important tool for managing fisheries by way of setting fishing seasons and limiting the number of fish anglers can take. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that fishing is a thrilling sport that I never tire of. There’s noting better than stalking and winning the battle with a trophy specimen. To be a successful angler, you need to have the best fishing tackle you can afford. Here’s some information about one of my favourite reels, the Daiwa Exceler 2500S spinning reel.

Key Features of the Daiwa Exceler 2500S Reel

The Exceler class of reels from Daiwa is a product line that delivers unsurpassed performance in a wide variety of angling locales. Whether it’s a peaceful brook or a large, cold lake, I’ve found the 2500S to be amazingly versatile, especially because it works superbly for many fish species, including barbel and salmon, along with the carp and pike I’ve already mentioned. For 2011, Daiwa has expanded the sizes available in this line, but I find the 2500S to be an excellent overall choice. Some of the reel’s key features are the precision moulded body and rotor that deliver incredible durability along with enhanced performance. The reel sells for an affordable £61.99.

More About the Daiwa Exceler 2500S Reel

One of the features I particularly like is that the ratio is below 5:1. When combined with a wider ABS2 spool, there’s plenty of the legendary power conversion the Exceler line is famous for. The reel also features DigiGear2, a precision system that ensures a perfect mesh between the marine bronze pinion gear and the super-tough, surface treated alloy drive gear. DigiGear gives me the optimised power, speed and durability — features that are quite important to me. The 2500S will hold 190 metres of 6 pound test line. It weighs 10.3 ounces and has a retrieve ratio of 4.7 to 1.

Final Thoughts on the Exceler 2500S Reel

This reel has an exclusive feature called AirBail, which simply is a tubular stainless steel bail that resists both deformation and corrosion. Another exclusive Daiwa has added to this reel is Twist Buster 2, an innovative system that dramatically reduces the line twist problems many anglers experience with spinning reels during line retrieval. Daiwa conducted tests of Twist Buster 2 that resulted in up to a line twist reduction of up to 90%. Quite amazing!

When you’re in the market for upgraded fishing tackle like an affordable, quality spinning reel, I highly recommend that you give the Daiwa Exceler 2500S reel a serious look. I happily rate it at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Source by Tommy Lee Jones

Basketball Backboards – Acrylic Vs Glass Backboards

When watching the game of basketball, spectators probably don’t give much thought to what type of backboard is being used. The backboard is in fact one of the most important parts of a basketball system. Though glass backboards have long been thought of as the best backboards, acrylic backboards have many of the same features.

If you are several feet away and look at a backboard you may not be able to tell the difference between an acrylic one and a glass one. They are both clear, they both come in the same sizes, and they both have the outline markings and shooter’s square. When you throw the ball and go for a rebound, that is were the difference comes into view.

Glass backboards are the backboards used by the pros. Professional style backboards are made of ½ inch thick tempered glass. The outline of the backboard and the shooter’s square are fired into the glass so they won’t wear away. A regulation size backboard is 42″ x 72″, but glass backboards come in many different sizes. They are dent and scratch resistant and won’t get dusty.

What is so great about glass? The main reason why professionals love glass is because of the way the ball interacts with the glass. Rebounds bounce off immediately and crisply. There is virtually no reverberation with glass. Glass will not dent so there are no worries about the ball hitting a dent or groove. Players know exactly what to expect with a glass backboard.

One of the only drawbacks of a glass backboard is the possibility of breakage. Though shattering a backboard is not the goal of a slam dunk, it is possible with enough force to shatter a glass backboard. With breakaway goals the likelihood is less, but still possible. There are certain types of glass backboards available that are guaranteed not to shatter. The risk of shattering, however, does not compare to the excellent ball interaction.

Fairly recently, acrylic backboards have come into play. Backboard that are made of cast acrylic are very similar to glass backboards– but more economical. Cast acrylic is one of the strongest forms of acrylic manufactured today. It is virtually dent resistant. Most acrylic backboards come with steel frames for even more stability. This frame is very important for proper ball interaction.

To get a similar feel as a glass backboard, look for an acrylic backboard that is ½ inch thick. If the acrylic is too thick the ball will not respond the same way. Though acrylic backboards are more economical, they will have to be replaced sooner than a glass backboard would. They are also more difficult to keep clean since dirt can get into the grooves.

If you are on a budget an acrylic backboard will definitely get the job done. It has good ball interaction and is durable and sturdy. But, if you are looking for longer durability and more consistency, a glass backboard is the way to go.

Source by Bill Parsons