3 Golf Swing Tips on the Backswing Takeaway Technique

The golf swing tips backswing takeaway technique involves the hand and the arm tension that performs the golf stance and helps to make a complete swing. For conducting the backswing smoothly, you need to do a full shoulder turn in a perfect backswing plane completed by a downswing release.

Since the golf swing is a complete series of action, among them the takeaway action is the action initiator. For golfer it is a must to know that making a one piece takeaway should be dictated by the amount of tension and the release of hands and arms.

During a swing, the left or the right arm has a readiness to swing the club away and this makes the muscles of your shoulder tensed and thus the latter becomes difficult to turn. The shoulder turn is immensely important because without the turn, the hands will creep in at the early stage of the swing that will affect the width of the swing, the plane and ultimately the club head speed. Therefore, the ball will not be able to travel a long distance after the series of faulty actions.

Therefore, to make a perfect backswing, all tension in the arms and hand should be completely removed so that these two can only be dedicated for producing a maximum impact on the swing thereby sending the ball to the farthest distance.

Golf Swing Tips # 1: How to avoid the tension of arms and hands

The hand should grip the club in such a way so that you can waggle the club, back and forth. However, the grip should not be too firm otherwise the forearm muscles will become stiff and tense. All this excess tension must be avoided for a good takeaway and smooth shoulder turn. Therefore it is necessary that you follow this simple golf swing tips, so that the swing would be a perfect one for releasing the ball to achieve the maximum distance.

Golf swing tips # 2: relax the arms and shoulders for a backswing plane

Since the arms and shoulders are connected with each other, the gripping of the club is important; otherwise, any unnatural twist in the forearm will allow tension in shoulders and arms. Therefore, it is necessary to relax the shoulders and arms and here are few processes on how you can do so.

Follow the address position and instead of holding the club in your hand, rest it between your thighs

Let your arms hang freely in a relaxed position

With little movement, pick up the club and be ready for the action

With little movement pick up the club and grip it

While gripping don’t give a tension in your arms and hands, the gripping of the club should be more with fingers rather than hands.

Golf Swing Tips # 3: Starting the takeaway

1) The shoulders should initiate the position for the takeaway, while the arms, the hands and the neck muscles should be at a relaxed state

2) No tension on the shoulders or arms should be allowed at this stage otherwise the whole swing process will be hampered. However, be careful that the stance should not be excessively relaxed.

3) Now turn the shoulders and the neck muscles without any tension and this will create a natural momentum that will allow the club come nicely on the ball through this backswing

4) Once all the power of the downswing is applied through the club head, it will surely be applied squarely on the ball producing maximum impact.

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