7 Height Increase Exercises to Help You Grow Taller Naturally

The term height increase exercises may appear strange to some people who live with a firm belief that height is genetically controlled and nothing can done. You see hereditary factors do play a role, but there are several other factors that can prevent you from attaining the maximum potential height. Following some very simple exercises can ensure you grow taller naturally and get the best possible results.

Here are some simple height increase exercises that have helped thousands to grow taller naturally. Try these and you may get some astonishing results.

1) Swimming is an excellent exercise that helps in reducing the compressive forces applied to your spine. When you swim the disks in your vertebrae can expand and this can help in adding some height.

2) Hanging from a pole upside down can help in growing taller. This exercise helps in expansion of the spinal column. Don’t overdo this exercise otherwise you can cause damage to your back.

3) Rope skipping is another height increase exercise that helps in strengthening the bones and muscles in the thigh and lower leg. Rope skipping causes your entire body to stretch and become more flexible.

4) Wall stretch exercises also help in adding height. Place your back against the wall and raise both your hands as high as possible. You would be standing on your toes in the fully stretched position. This exercise helps in elongating the spine and removal of spinal curvature.

5) High speed sprinting has been one of the best height increase exercises practiced by athletes and sports persons. High speed sprinting results in micro fractures in leg bones. These micro fractures heal extremely fast within a week and help you to grow taller naturally.

6) Sit in a comfortable position with weights tied to both your ankles. You should sit in such a way that your feet don’t touch the ground. If required take some padding or pillows to raise yourself. Start with 2 to 4 pounds attached to each leg initially and then slowly increase the weight.

7) Yoga height increase exercises work by helping you elongate your body from the abdominal region. These exercises also correct the posture so that there is no curvature in your spine. Chakrasana and tadasana are two exercises that are extremely beneficial to grow taller naturally.

Source by Chris Veekay

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