A Simple Golf Swing, Can Fix Your Wicked Slice in 7 Minutes with 4 Changes & You’ll Be in The 80’s

Bam.. You nailed it. You have just teed off on the first tee with your normal playing partners. And,yes, you did, you nailed it. Straight down the middle and .. wait ..is it long also, WOW, you have absolutely pounded it long and straight. Holy mackerel!!

You have just, for the first time, demonstrated that you can cure the slice. That you can hit it long and straight and that you can experience the pure joy and satisfaction that others have with your own golf game. And, before this round is over you will be well on your way to shooting in the 80′ using your new ” Simple Golf Swing”

This scenario seems almost impossible for most Golfers who suffer from the ” big slice”! By now many of you have found a way to ” get it around” you have made adjustments in your set up and your swing and most certainly in your expectations. But still, you suffer from the affliction. So let’s do this.

You make sure you remember your adjustments. Make sure you have them written down or seared into your brain. Let’s not risk making your game worse. You promise to remember your adjustments. I promise if you do what follows, you can forget them asap. Deal?

Warning… What you are about to read, you will not like. Only a very small percent of you will actually do these 4 things that will cure your slice. It’s not because they are hard to do, heck 2 of them you do without even moving. It’s because change is very hard in Golf. So accept that. And just try.

It will not be easy. But it is what it is. If you want to fix the slice, you are at the right place.

There are 4 general reasons for a slice.

1. Grip

2. Alignment or setup

3. Swing path

4. Swing plane

One or all of these can create the big banana. That big left to right slinger that just keeps on a go’n!

1. Here is a quicky grip. Left hand first. You need to be able to see two knuckles when you look down at your left hand on the club. Most people want to put this hand on the side of the club. That is dead wrong. It goes more on top. More ! NO .. that is not enough MORE. Whew!

Jeez… I hope you did it.

Now the right hand.. it’s easy! It’s the same! It belongs more on top than you think. Now here, there is a very good reason for the location of the right hand.

It will not do to get into that here in a short article. Trust me for a while. More on top. Make sure that you feel some pressure on your index finger on the inside where the club is resting. Like a trigger finger. Got it?

It feels like crap! I know. I know. I know… and I am sorry. But it is very important that you at least try as hard as you can to do this. So do it!

2. And here is the setup.. Just get square to the target line. Every part of your body. Shoulders are in line with your hips, hips are inline with your knees, knees are inline with your feet. And your feet your in an exact parallel position with the line of fire or the target line. Simple.

Try to avoid aligning to the left. That is one of your adjustments that we are not going to do for now.

If anything we are going err to the right, not the left.

OK your back is reasonable straight. you bend at the hips with the knees bent enough so that they are about lined up with the top of your shoes. Your hands and arms are hanging straight down from your shoulders, let this happen. And your chin is not resting on your chest. Your weight is spread 50/50 on your feet.

Here’s a little trick. After you are set up. Turn your right elbow in so that it points at your right hip. This will help you get the club on it’s correct path. ( just do it)

Note: at this point you have a good grip. And just so you know, there has never been a good player with a bad grip. Just so you know. Anyway at this point you have your new grip and you are well set up and so that cover two out of four. And guess what you haven’t moved a single inch yet. But you are 50% cured.

3. OK I am going to switch 3 and 4. Swing plane is where actual shaft of the club is located during the swing. It is an angle. The angle relative to the ground. It is dependent on your set up. It is generally the same angle as your spine angle. So your set up, if correct, will give you your correct swing plane. You may have heard the terms” plane angle is too steep” or ” plane angle is too flat” these terms describe where the club( the whole club) is, on a plane relative to the ground.

Imagine a circle. If the circle was straight up and down and you stood in the middle that plane would be 90 degrees to the ground. If we began to tip the circle, moving the top behind you, we would be creating what the swing plane looks like.

Now let’s say that your shoulders are the top of the circle. Standing straight up will create a plane that is parallel to the ground. As you bend your hips and knees your shoulders will move forward, creating a different plane than the straight up and down on.. Do you see this yet? And as you get into your set up, you will be creating your swing plane. See why the setup is so important. Being on Plane in your golf swing is very very important.

Yet it is something that will take care of itself if you setup correctly. You just need to know what it is, not how to do it.

All right .. I know I am losing some of you. So let’s stop with the swing plane for now. Except for this. It is necessary for you to be aware of it. If you set up well and turn the shoulders on the takeaway you will have accomplished the proper plane. Providing you don’t do something with the hands that will change that. Oh My!

4. Path, Clubhead path..What it is. It is the path the actual clubhead takes from the top of the back swing, down and to the ball, and then through to the finish. It is not a straight line. It is more around than you would think. It is somewhat determined by your swing plane. Flat is more around and steep is more upright.

And it is all relative to the target line.

This is really where most get into trouble. It’s because of the other three elements. Grip is wrong, setup is wrong and then the swing plane is wrong. It’s lot to expect that you can get the swing path right in spite of the other three being wrong. You can’t.

The clubhead path should be inside to out or inside to inside, depends on who is talking.

Most who slice the ball or hit it dead left ( same problem) are hitting from outside to inside. Or what you may know as the ” over the top move” many instructors will blame this on a poor weight shift.

But the real culprit here is in the details of the other 3.

In order to hit a draw or not hit a slice the swing path on the downswing must, absolutely must be from the inside of the target line.

You can do this by visualizing a line on the ground that is coming from the inside, and making the clubhead go there. Make it go there. Hit the inside of the golf ball and try as hard as you can to hit it into right field.

So , here we go. After you have 1,2, correct. You take the club away with your shoulders. Turn to the right with them. Take the clubhead with you. Keep your head centered. Turn until your left shoulder is under your chin. Let the clubhead go where ever it wants as long as you are turning it with your shoulders.

Once you have reached your best turn position. Keep you back to the target as long as you can. ( very important) and now the magic move. Drop your right elbow to your right side and fire your right hand DOWN at the inside of the golf ball .. from the inside of the target line. Give absolutely no consideration at all to weight shift. It will happen. You have two and only two responsibilities at this point. Hit down and hit from the inside. Hands and arms go first and nothing else matters. And while you are doing this ” keep your back to the target as long as you can” If you do that, you will not be able to do that dreaded over the top move. Inside. Hit down.

Now go to the range. I know it took more than 7 minutes. Sorry. For more resources see below.

Source by Paul Macleod

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