A Small Penis – Dealing With the Issue

There is no man under the sun that would be comfortable with a small penis. That is a statement that needs no researcher to verify its genuineness. There are so many physical flaws that most men come to terms with and accept as part of them like; being short, or baldness, but a small penis is a reoccurring pain that never gets off the minds of such men. A small penile size is one of the few things that can make a man shy away from sexual intercourse. After all which woman fantasizes of having sex with a man with a tiny “thing”.

Although when a man starts a relationship with a woman, there is no way of the woman knowing he has a small penis still a man with a small penile size fears that rejection or ridicule is waiting down the line for him. Men with small genitals prevent themselves from forming any kind of relationship with a woman that would lead to sex. Aside avoiding women when it comes to sexual intercourse, a man with a small “sexual organ” usually avoids the following situations: going to the swimming pool or a beach, Changing in a locker room, walking around in boxers shorts or any situation which demand exposure of his genitals.

On the dating scene, although there are many things, which many women would look down on like baldness or a short statue, a small penis is the worst possession any man can have. A small “sexual organ” is the worst flaw a man can have when it comes to relationships. You may ask why, the reason is simple a lot of things that women count as flaws in a man are easily forgotten with time, a small stature, bald head all those are easily forgotten. But a small penis is eternal, as long as a couple still engages in sex; the small size of the man’s genital would always be an issue.

Any man with a small penis would definitely have personal stories on how their inadequacy has lead them to become suspicious of every woman who does not make any comment on their small size as trying to deceive them. The sexual lives of most men with small penile sizes is a very lonely and depressing one as such men avoid sexual intimacy in order to avoid being subject to public ridicule when there is a break up in their relationships.

If you are unfortunate to be born with a small penis, you should take the bulls by the horn and avoid showing your insecurities in other areas of your life. First do not allow your mood or your happiness to be determined by your penis size. Avoid comparing yourself to the porn star your saw in that porn movie you just watched. Although you know it but it is still worth repeating “all fingers are not equal”. Which means all penile sizes are not the same. When you go looking for a girlfriend avoid girls who are promiscuous and hop from one guy to another such girls are more likely to complain of your small size. Have you heard of penis enlargement? Sure you have. But it is not a myth and it is not limited to the ugly looking vacuum pumps you see on the back and inside cover of porn magazines.

There are a number of penis enlargement methods available to you, but as more men have discovered a two-combination method is guaranteed to give results. After all who wants to wait twelve months to achieve a one-inch increase in penis length and penis girth. Most enlargement methods like pills, exercises and devices bring about some amount of gains but combining two methods is sure to result in faster gains.

Although penis devices are quite popular, most men prefer natural penis enlargement exercises and herbal penis pills due to the price and convenience they offer. Natural Penile exercises only demand about 30 minutes of your time, usually every other day or at whatever day your program schedules it. They also assist in correcting the problem most men with small penis have which is premature ejaculation. Also herbal penis pills only demand taking the pills as stated on the label and they cause blood flow to the penile tissues and assist in the increase in the size of penile tissues. Incase you are looking for a live testimony to the genuineness of penis enlargement by a combination of pills and exercises; I am an example to the authenticity of the pill and exercises method of enlargement. I am now the proud owner of an 8 inches plus pecker, very large when compared to my former size of slightly less than 6 inches. Take action and put the problem of size behind you forever!

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