Alabama Jumpers – Composting and Fishing Worms

Amynthas gracilus – also called Alabama Jumpers, AKA Georgia Jumpers, Florida Wigglers, Grey Wigglers or simply Wigglers depending on what part of the country you live in.

Alabama Jumpers are a composting earthworm which comes to the surface in the evening to feed. They spread their worm castings throughout the yard or garden area approximately two feet deep while aerating the soil. They have not proven to be prolific if raised in worm bins. They prefer to borrow down in the soil during the day and wander a bit, sometimes coming to the surface and slithering across the top much as a snake would..

Alabama Jumpers can not only survive in conditions which would be detrimental for some worms such as in hard packed clay and sandy soils, but can convert these malnourished soils into a fertile organic matter.

Alabama Jumpers are known to survive as far north as Chattanooga, Tennessee, however are grown commercially in only a few areas of the United States due to the native soils as well as the acreage required and the ability to dig them up easily.

Alabama Jumpers also make an excellent fishing worm as they remain alive on the hook longer, wiggle like crazy and stay on the hook better than other fishing worms. With the tougher skin they do no pull from a hook as easy as the African Nightcrawlers and even the European Nightcrawlers and fish love them!

For further information on these worms, view a video of the jumping worm or to purchase some of these wigglers, visit Alabama Jumpers.

Source by Bruce Galle

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