Arowana Care: How to Effectively Enhance the Color of Your Arowana Fish

Arowanas are said to bring good fortune to its owners. Because of this, it is no longer surprising why many people choose arowana as their pet. Everyone wish to have good luck so if there is something that can bring them that luck, they would certainly grab it. Arowanas are of no exception when it comes to this. But aside from the luck that is said to be carried by these arowanas, their captivating look and the relaxing effect that they also bring to every household is among the greatest factors that make them overly popular. Still, it is important that proper and effective arowana care is used in order for your arowana to work accordingly to your intentions. You should also remember that your arowana will look its best and is sure to obtain that captivating color if proper care is being established for it.

Just like any other domesticated fish, arowanas are also available in different colors. In fact, their colors vary from pure silver to true red. The natural colors of arowanas are actually very pleasing to the eye. However, once they are captured, their natural colors tend to fade. If you want to retain the natural color of your fish, proper arowana care should be showered upon them. You cannot expect your arowana to look its best if you do not provide its basic needs. You should always attend to their needs like providing them the right foods. Foods really play a vital role in retaining and even enhancing the color of your arowana. When it comes to their foods, you have to know that these are classified into two. The first classification is the live food which is considered to be the most nutritious one for arowanas. These foods are composed of live insects and animals such as crickets, shrimps, small fishes, worms, small frogs and centipedes. The other classification is the non-live food which includes frozen, dried, palletized and granulated animals and insects. These foods should be properly provided to your arowana to ensure that its color is greatly enhanced.

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