Benefits of Aquarium Water Heaters

Aquarium water heaters are one of the most basic accessories for setting up a fish tank. In fact, the fish and other living organisms inside the tank would not thrive without these little regulators that provide them with a perfectly tuned habitat. For aquarists, buying just the right water heater could take some time. If you are on the market for aquarium water heaters, here are some of the things that might affect your decision.

As the name suggests, this heater type is hanged at one side of the aquarium. This heater type is the cheapest by far and may automatically come with some aquarium kits. However, the hang-on type may at times distribute heat unevenly. The water nearer to the device will more likely be hotter than water on the farther side.

This heater type is buried under the flooring or the substrate of the aquarium. It consists of a wire that is heated up to warm the water. Once it becomes hot enough, the thermostat kicks off and switches the device off to regulate the water temperature of the fish tank.

In-filter aquarium water heaters are basically a two-for-one deal. Since every aquarium needs a filter to keep it clean and a heater to keep it habitable, some manufacturers have decided to combine the two. It works by heating up the liquid as it is being filtered by the system. In-line aquarium heaters are somewhat the same except that they require a pump. Water is pumped out of the aquarium, passing through the heater where its temperature is regulated and then pushed back into the aquarium.

With in-line heaters, water is pumped out of the aquarium via tubes. The water passes through the heater and is directed back to the aquarium in the preferred temperature.

The breed of the fish themselves also come into play. Some types of fish are capable of living within room temperature. However, others are much more comfortable within hotter or colder surroundings. This is why you must research about the normal habitat requirements of your fish and use this to determine your general wattage selection for the water heater.

It is important to remember that water heaters must be calibrated according to the aquarium that they will service. Aquarium size is very important when deciding on which heater to buy. Also, your target temperature will be determined by researching about the requirements of the fish. Some breeds do better in warmer climate, while others do not need as much heat.

Finally, try to find water heaters with warranties. This way, you will not have any repair problems in the future. Do not be afraid to ask friends or shop owners for their suggestions.

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