Betta Fish Not Eating? 4 Immediate Steps You Can Take to Get Your Betta Interested in Food Again

Should you be worried if you find your betta fish not eating the food that you feed it?

You can probably let it go if your fish doesn’t immediately stop what it’s doing and rush up to the surface to eat right away.

But what if you find your betta fish not eating at all, ignoring the food, even though it knows that it is there? Perhaps your fish is spitting up the food right after chewing on it. Perhaps it just looks at the food and swims right past it.

If that happens once in a while, you could probably let it go.

But if your fish continues to ignore food for more than just a couple of feedings, then it may definitely be a cause for concern.

And obviously if your fish is spending most of its time docile, idling at the bottom of the fish tank, and not bothering to come up for food, then something is definitely wrong.

So if you find your betta fish not eating at all, then it is time to take some immediate action:

1.       Completely clean and sterilize your fish’s tank to kill any bacteria or fungus.

2.       Remove or replace any plants that show signs of deterioration.

3.       Clean or replace the rocks.

4.       Purify the water with water treatment solution made especially for bettas.

Observe your betta’s physical appearance for any discoloration, deterioration, fading, or unusual protrusions, or anything that could be an indication of poor betta fish health.

Source by Erica Bowman

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