Breaking 80 Golf Tips – Five Tips For Hitting Pure Iron Shots From Wet Lies – For Duffers

I have been playing golf this winter under some very wet conditions. We have had more precipitation this winter than any winter I have seen since I moved to this area in 1998. That means I have had to play on a some pretty wet fairways or just not play at all.

With all this experience dealing with moist conditions I have discovered some great tips to help me hit pure iron shots time and again even when things are wet. Iron shots in particular are tricky from soggy conditions because the moisture in the soil inhibits the compression of the golf ball. Normally the downward blow of the iron squeezes the golf ball against the ground, forces it to begin spinning backwards and then explode off the clubface.

When the soil is moist there is less compression and with water in the grooves there is less compression and spin then under dry conditions. You are likely to see a significant reduction in distance and control. You might need to make some significant adjustments to consistently strike the ball cleanly as possible.

Apply these five tips to hit better, more crisp iron shots.

Pure Iron Shots Under Wet Conditions

  1. Use a fairway bunker stance. You want to pick the ball off the ground just like in a fairway bunker.
  2. Choke down. You will be standing on soft turf where your shoes will sink into the surface a bit. Choking down will prevent hitting the shot fat.
  3. Stand tall. Move a little closer and stand taller to promote a more vertical swing path and the needed descending blow.
  4. Hover the club. Don’t ground your club as usual. Instead hold it just above the ground. This will also help prevent the dreaded fat shot. A fat shot is made worse by the soft turf.
  5. Hit the back of the ball. You’ll need to make contact with the ball first. The margin for error is much smaller than normal with these conditions. Target a spot an inch in front of the ball and aim to begin your divot there after making contact with the back of the ball first.

Follow these tips and you will make pure, crisp contact with your irons every time when the ground is wet and soggy.

Think about this as well, the conditions and the adjustments above will mean your shots will be shorter than you are used to under normal conditions. When it is wet like this there is less ball compression at impact, you have choked down which diminishes clubhead speed and when the ball lands you’ll get a lot less roll. No problem. Simply take enough club to make up for the lost distance, maybe one or two extra will do it for you.

Also don’t forget to take advantage of the casual water rules when you can. That free drop can save you a whole lot more than just one stroke.

Source by Wayne Hudler

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