Memories of Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf

Televised golf has had many high moments over the years, but in my opinion none better than that outstanding production, Shell’s Wonderful World Of Golf. The program didn’t invent the format, but it certainly raised the approach to a new standard of excellence.

In the early television days, All Star Golf was an attempt to bring the game into living rooms all across America. The Golf Channel still runs many of those early programs and it’s interesting to see the contrast in the state of the art of TV then and now. You can see an old station wagon following the players around, carrying camera gear. For the most part, just one camera was used and you rarely saw a player tee off. Stark diagrams of the holes were used both to condense the telecast and to allow time for moving equipment around.

The year was 1957. The show’s original host, Jim Britt, had been a baseball broadcaster for both the Boston Braves and the Boston Red Sox and later in his career for the Cleveland Indians.

All Star Golf lasted three years and was responsible for the birth of Shell’s Wonderful World. It was in 1960 that the president of Shell USA, Monroe Spaght, watched an episode and became extremely interested in the possibilities of golf on television. But he envisioned a much larger universe than that which All Star Golf encompassed. The older show filmed most of its matches around Chicago and then later some other cities around the country.

Spaght had bigger ideas. Shell was, of course, a worldwide corporation and Spaght wanted a show that crossed the globe in its scope. The result was Shell’s Wonderful World Of Golf. Gene Sarazen was hired to host the show and he went on to take viewers through nine years and over ninety matches at some of the world’s most beautiful spots.

Indeed, one of the major features that made the program so unique was the time it devoted to mini-travelogues devoted to the area in which the matches took place. It was a program that not only concentrated on golf but also opened up worlds of beauty to its wide audience, taking us places we’ve never been and educating us to the variety of locations where golf is played.

The program was also notable for its breadth of commentary from many different sources. From Sarazen to Dave Marr to George Rogers, the commentary was always relevant and informative. But perhaps the highlight of it all was the eloquent contributions served up by Jack Whitaker, whose mastery of the spoken word and the images created by it were second to none. Whitaker could sum up in thirty seconds the spirit and the character of the game and the locale in which it was played. He lent and air of authority to the program as a whole and especially to the wrap up following the match.

I would love to see the program return featuring today’s stars. The Golf Channel does show the older programs regularly and they are cherished memories, indeed. Nonetheless, it would be terrific to see today’s players in a similar situation. Probably it’s too expensive an undertaking these days, but it sure would be nice.

Source by Jim Nettleton

Autocross Buying Guide – Select the Right Car

In my experience, autocross can be a very fun and exciting sport. I have participated in several events in my local area. I found the hobby to be very addictive as well.

Out of all my other hobbies, I think this one is the best “bang for the buck” as far as thrills go with your car. Everybody can participate. Every car (some clubs have exceptions to this though like no SUV’s, no Trucks) can race. The nice thing about this kind of race is that you are competing against others in your class usually defined by the SCCA, however, you are on the course alone so there is minimal chance of hitting other cars.

The hardest part about autocross (aside from learning how to race) in my opinion is finding the right car. Sure, you can use a daily driver, but that is not recommended if you are going to participate in several events a year. Autocross can create wear on the tires and other components very quickly and can get expensive very fast. I would recommend to get a vehicle that you can use for autocross. This can be a “trailer car” or a car that you can still drive on the road, but use only for this hobby.

There are 4 key components to consider when selecting a car for autocross:

1) What type of car to get

2) The Price of the car

3) The overall condition of the vehicle (if used)

4) Aftermarket upgrades/modifications


For autocross racing, some people would assume that the car has to be very powerful, small, 2 doors and modified. This is not entirely accurate. While that type of car would be nice, it is not required to be competitive in autocross.

Remember that most autocross events and clubs have the cars grouped in to some sort of class. The club I participate with follow the SCCA Class guidelines. The classes help group the cars so the same “level” of vehicles can remain competitive within each class.

This is done to avoid the “biggest and fastest is best” state of thought. It would be unfair to put a heavily modified Porsche GT3 up against a stock Ford Focus. This is why they do that.

So, to pick the right car for autocross, you would probably want a coupe or convertible FIRST if possible. Sedans can work well too, but some sedans are not geared for modifications, although, the sport sedans of today are really starting to take over.

Manual transmission would be recommended, however, if you have an automatic that is OK too. You may want to consider trading it for a manual in the future to remain competitive. Again, there are still “sport shift” type automatics out there that are getting better and better each day.

Ideally, you would also want a rear-wheel drive car for autocross. RWD cars typically provide better control and handling in most cases. I know some enthusiasts out there will disagree with me, but that’s OK. On the other hand, I have used several front-wheel drive cars that run with the best of them.


The price of buying a car for autocross is always the factor for me. I, like many others, cannot afford an expensive vehicle for autocross. There are, however, those that can afford it and price is still something for them to consider.

The $0-$5000 range:

This is the range most of us beginners want to start. Of course, free is GOOD, but consider the 3rd component (overall condition) when this option comes to mind. Several cars that can perform well and have a lot of upgradable options are the following:

1989-1997 Mazda Miata – Very nice power to weight ratio. It is VERY popular at autocross. 1979-1991 Mazda RX7 – Fast small car, handles well. Many upgrades available. 1989-1998 Nissan 240sx – Several aftermarket upgrades, handles very well. 1990-1999 BMW 3 Series – Very versatile car. You can find very nice models in this range now. 1988-2000 Honda Civic/CRX – I have seen several models compete well in autocross. 1984-1999 Toyota MR2 – Low center of gravity, great performance, mid engine. 1990-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon – Many upgrades, some models Turbo AWD. 2000-2007 Ford Focus – Very competitive cars. SVT models available in price range. 1997-2003 VW Golf – Hatchbacks always like autocross. VR6 models available in range. 1990-1999 Acura Integra – Like the Civic, very competitive with many upgrades out there.

There may be a few more cars that I missed that fall under this price range. The method I use to hunt for cars can vary depending on the type I am looking for. I will use local classified ads, Craigslist. I will also use the bigger car searches and expand my general “hunting” area. I have successfully found great cars using VEHIX, AutoTrader as well as Government Auction Sites.

But what about the autocross cars above the $5000 range? Well, I am glad you are think that because I am about to list them below.

If you have some money to work with and want to get something newer, you can consider the following cars:

The $5,001-$20,000 range:

This range can include newer cars as well as pre-owned cars that are no more than a few years old. Remember, cars usually depreciate very fast, so as the years go by, some of the newer cars can be within reach for less money and are great for autocross. The cars below come to mind in this range:

1998-Current Mazda MX-5 – Still same basic car, but more power as they got newer. 2003-Current VW Golf – Even more modified than the previous versions, compete well. 1992-1997 Mazda RX7 – 3rd Gen is twin-turbo and can compete in autocross. 1992-2006 BMW M3 – M3’s are designed for racing. Some newer models will fall in this range. 1998-2003 BMW M5 – M5’s are very powerful and compete in their class well. 1994-Current Ford Mustang/Cobra – Very versatile car. Competes well in class. 1994-2002 Camaro/Firebird – Competes well in class. Many autocross upgrades. 2007-Current Mazda Mazdaspeed3 – Turbo, hatchback, competes well in autocross. 2003-2008 Nissan 350z – Great autocross car, very popular on the track. Special Autocross Kit cars such as the V6 Stalker fall in this range as well.

Now, this price range can vary in vehicles. A lot of these cars are still new and may require loans to purchase them.

The $20,001 spectrum will consist of some of the current-day models as well as the obvious “super cars” we all respect such as the Corvette, Viper, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and others. I will not include a list for those because if you are buying one of those for an autocross car, you did your research.


When buying a second car for autocross, treat it like when you are buying your daily driver car. You want the car to be relatively free of major problems. Autocross racing can put stress on the car’s frame, the suspension, the brakes, the tire and the overall body of the car.

You want to be sure that the car has not been in any major accidents. Frame repair or frame damage can be very dangerous mixture when you autocross. That is the MOST important thing to check for when buying a car for autocross. I have experienced and used the service by Experian called AutoCheck. They offer an unlimited number of VIN checks for one of their service options and the price is way better than the other services out there. I have used it when shopping and comes in very handy when you are checking the history of a vehicle.

The next important item to check on the car is major component problems such as smoke coming out of the back of the exhaust, major oil leaks (small leaks are expected on most used cars) slight/major overheating of the engine. Autocross is outside and you push the car to the limit. You want the major components to be in the best shape they can be. The mentioned problems can leave you stranded at the track if you do not look out for them.

I usually have some expectation to do minor repair or preventive repairs on my vehicles when I am buying to autocross them. As I stated above, small oil/fluid leaks are “OK” and can usually be fixed very easily. Small leaks tell us that the car is just used and may not be suffering from the leak as a result. Large/major leaks tell us the car may have been neglected by the previous owner and may carry residual problems unseen at the moment. When looking at a car, start it up, drive it around with the A/C engaged (even if it doesn’t work). When you are finished with the test drive, leave it idling while you walk around the car continuing to inspect it. If the car has an overheating problem, often this is the time it will show. This tip has helped me avoid several beautiful autocross cars that had an overheating problem.

Belts and hoses are my most frequent “preventive” repair I do, even if they are not a problem. It is always best to know when an important component has been replaced rather than to “guess” and trust the previous owner. Water pumps, too, fall in this category sometimes.

One thing people always check when buying a used car are the tires. Yes, this is important for an autocross car, but not to see how “good” the tires are, but to see if the car needs an alignment. Autocross is about handling and you need to be sure the car’s stock “handling” ability is where it should be.

Why not worry about the tires? Well, tires should be one thing to consider buying for your autocross car to begin with, so the existing tires should be removed anyway. Tires are probably the most bought wear item an autocross member will buy. A lot of autocross racers will bring a set of tires for racing, one for driving home (those who do not use a trailer) and some will even bring spares for the racing tires. This is so common that Tire Rack offers tires just for autocross. I have used them and they are the best place to get tires for this.


If you ever look into the aftermarket world of the auto industry, you know that there are literally thousands of places to look and buy. I will list a few spots that most people do not think to look, but surprisingly have things for the autocross fans.

First and foremost, autocross cars do NOT always need major upgrades to be competitive. A driver can use a stock vehicle and compete against fellow stock vehicles and remain competitive. Once you start to modify or upgrade heavily, you may start to move into different classes and compete with other cars that are equally modified. Keep that in mind when you want to change something.

Usually, I say modify the easy things first: Intake, exhaust and general tune ups. Most autocross drivers do not go far from that. These should be the first things you try to upgrade while you participate in autocross to get the most performance out of your vehicle.

If you decide to go further to be more competitive, my next recommendation would be suspension and body roll modifications. Please remember, certain upgrades in this area may change your class. Be sure to check your club or groups rules with these modifications.

Usually, the fastest upgrade to an autocross car would be front and rear strut tower bars/braces. They are usually inexpensive to buy and easy to install. They are also very modular meaning that when you buy these, they will work with other suspension components in place (usually). This modification helps stiffen the car’s suspension and frame and helps with cornering.

The next modification recommendation would then be the front and rear sway bars and links. These parts also help the body roll while cornering and handling and can sometimes be modular to the suspension system as a whole.

The final suspension upgrade is usually the most expensive: The struts (shocks/springs). This upgrade usually works well with the above items, but ads more stiffness, more response to the handling and sometimes lower the car overall for a lower center of gravity.

Once you have modified the entire suspension, my next recommendation would be to upgrade the brakes (at least the pads). This will help your stopping ability for those moments where a tap of the brake is needed during a lap. Please keep in mind that high performance brake pads usually wear much quicker than OEM.

One of the last things I recommend to upgrade is the tires. Now, I’m not saying that you should not FIRST buy new tires when you autocross, but I am saying not to UPGRADE them to an autocross/race tire just yet. Most autocross enthusiasts will tell you to get used to the stock/regular tires on your car first.

Once you get used to stock type tires, modifying them to a race tire or softer tire will actually improve your lap times (that’s the theory anyway).

One last note. I recommend replacing the fluids in your car with as many synthetics as you can. Synthetic fluids have higher heat resistance and can take the intense moments you will be putting on the car during the autocross laps.

Source by Shaun Putnam

The Best Golf Swing Meets the Best Golf Clubs

Shortly before I took over the company as CEO Natural Golf launched its first new line of Irons in nearly four years – the ST Hybrids, now called the True Blues. In August, I lead the group that acquired Natural Golf. At the time of the acquisition, the management team I was leading felt like the Natural Golf club line was good and that our new team could get on board and enhance the products gradually over the coming years in search of excellence.

Within thirty days under new ownership we decided to go full speed ahead on reinventing Natural Golf’s entire club line, from Driver, to Irons, to Putters, to Fairway Woods all with a goal of offering you tremendous quality products befitting the players of the best swing in golf, the Natural Golf Single Plane Swing. Gradual enhancement was not going to work. The company goal was not to be the biggest, but simply to pursue the goal to be the best company in golf.

No More Beryllium Copper

The change was much faster than planned both because of problems at the foundry that casts our heads, and business plan opportunities that demanded that we do more, better and faster than most other golf companies, especially companies of our size.

Natural Golf has won many awards through the years for club designs, and several of the award winners were cast of a technically challenging material called Beryllium Copper – a soft dense metal with great looks and better performance characteristics. The Fairway Woods, the PLUS Club Hybrids and even Natural Golf’s wedges were made out of this metal alloy. Beryllium copper had come under new governmental regulations and the foundries were discontinuing casting in Beryllium Copper. We had four months to redesign and replace a third of the products we were selling.

Solution – All New ST 110 Fairway Woods and Moe Signature Wedges

We charged head club designer Bob Lukasiewicz to set to work on replacement designs for all of these clubs. Utilizing successful innovation of the Thin Face Technology in the ST 110 Irons, Bob combined design elements of the multiple award winning Beryllium Copper Fairway Woods with thin face stainless to create a classic pear shaped fairway wood for golfers of all abilities.

Natural Golf has offered a better player’s wedge, but never in forged steel with spin milled face for the ultimate in ball control. In development tests the replacement to the Beryllium Copper wedges performed so well that the clubs were named in honor of Moe Norman as the first in a new signature series of clubs. Look for more for better players in the future.

Opportunity – More Clubs for More Golfers

In our strategic planning sessions we saw opportunities that are not available to other golf club companies. Most club companies are interested in selling either custom built, high-end, high-priced clubs or selling lower quality, mass marketed, off the shelf clubs. Natural Golf philosophy is that golfers must always play with quality equipment if they are going to enjoy success on the course, but we recognized that not all golfers are able to afford the ultimate in quality golf clubs.

Moreover, with Natural Golf’s mission to grow the game and help to bring new people into golf, a high priced set of clubs is not usually appropriate purchase for a beginner. But, they need something a whole lot better than Dad’s old steel irons and persimmon woods or a $199 set of irons and woods from the local discount store.

Hot Peppers – Quality Fun for Novice Golfers

More work for Bob and his team – designing a quality set of irons and woods that would be semi-custom fit, and could be adjusted for lie angle when needed at an affordable price.

Modeled on the original Pipeline irons and woods, Bob and his design team reduced and adjusted the weight and helped to drive down production costs to offer Natural Golfers an affordable line of clubs that would provide game improvement for the novice golfer, but playability for golfers to mid-handicap levels. 17-4 Steel allows for adjustable lie angles for better fit while maintaining an affordable price point in a quality material.

Improvements All Across the Line

Natural Golf has made a total commitment to providing quality clubs for golfers of all abilities and all financial means, without compromising quality. Some of the other clubs that have been enhanced, redesigned or modified include:

* ST 110 Irons – now available in Premier Version with GrafalloyTM Shafts

* New, Improved Natural Groove Mallet Putter with Soft Square Grip (maybe this will replace my original Mallet Thing Putter)

* Updated Moe Norman Sand Wedge – now named “Sandy”

* ST 460 Hammer Driver – with hotter titanium face and Pro- Launch Grafalloy(TM) Shaft

* New Assembled in USA Golf Bags are here now – logoed with Natural Golf

* New Natural Golf logoed high quality shirts from Ahead will be here in the next thirty days too.

It is not just what but how… It is Time to Treat the Customer Right

Natural Golf felt it was time to take the lead in the golf industry in customer care. With all Natural Golf’s new clubs coming to market and with the firm’s reputation on the line a clear statement of integrity in sales and pricing needed to be made. In weeks and months of discussion Natural Golf formulated the 30-60-90-Lifetime Guarantee Policy that costs a us little more but allows you to buy with confidence, and to make sure you play your best golf and love Natural Golf.

Source by Peter Lineal

What’s the Proper Golf Swing, and How Do You Do it?

What’s the proper golf swing? Is there only one? How long does it take to master it? Can you master the proper golf swing?

All of these are questions that golfers consistently think about. You see, “the golf swing” has become like some unattainable holy grail. No one but Tiger Woods and a select few others can do it. Definitely not mere mortals like you and me. Yet there we are slugging around the golf course weekend after weekend with our improper swings trying to look good in front of our golf buddies.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. The proper golf swing is within reach of everyone on the planet. As a matter of fact, the proper golf swing is really not that hard. You may not know this, but you already know how to do the proper golf swing.

Here’s the deal. The golf swing is a completely natural motion. As a matter of fact, it’s a motion you already know how to do. You really don’t need to be taught the swing at all. The reason is this.

If you know how to drive a nail with a hammer or especially how to chop wood with an axe, you already know the proper golf swing. To see what the proper swing actually should feel like grab your golf club. (Try one of the shorter irons.)

Now, with the club in both hands (as if you were actually golfing), just use your wrists and chop the club up and down out in front of you. This chopping motion is actually what the wrists do in the right swing. As far as the wrists are concerned, the only real difference between chopping out in front of your body and a real swing is you do the swing to the side and not out in front.

If you’ll take this very natural chopping motion and just add a swing of your arms up and to the side, you now have a very creditable backswing. (The swing back in preparation for the swing forward.) Just swing back from this position and you’ve got your forward swing.

There are a few other things to be aware of with the proper swing, but believe it or not, it really is this simple. The proper swing is nothing more than a sort of smoother chopping motion done from the side. You’re not chopping wood. You’re just striking the Earth where the golf ball is.

Certainly, there are different type of swings, but they’re all part of “the right swing”. There’s chipping, pitching, and the full-swing. These are just variations of the proper golf swing, however.

Source by Lee Cole

Famous Baseball Family of Barry Bonds Includes Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, and Bobby Bonds

Barry Bonds is a polarizing figure in the world of sports as he has received arguably more attention for his off the field scandals which include reported steroid abuse than the historic statistics that he has put up on the baseball diamond. The family life of Barry Bonds is particularly interesting to casual fans of the sport of baseball because from an early age the young man that seemingly was destined for fame was tied to famous names in the sport of baseball through family relationships.

Barry Bonds, born in 1964, is the son of three time all-star outfields Bobby Bonds. Bobby Bonds was an American celebrity in his own right as a noteworthy player for numerous Major League Baseball teams throughout his professional baseball career that spanned from 1968-1981. While playing for teams in large markets that included New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Southern California the most famous teammate that Bobby Bonds played alongside was the legendary Willie Mays.

As a right fielder in for the Giants, Bobby Bonds patrolled the outfield next to center fielder Willie Mays during the twilight of Mays’ career. When Bobby asked his good friend Willie Mays to be the godfather to his then young son Barry Willie gladly accepted, thus further cementing the notoriety of this baseball family. As an aside it is also topical to briefly mention that Barry Bonds is a distant cousin of Reggie Jackson, who is better known as Mr. October in certain circles due to his clutch performances in post season play.

Many people do not realize that Barry Bonds is not the only son of Bobby Bonds to put on a professional baseball uniform. Barry actually has a younger brother named Bobby Bonds Junior was spent a number of years in the minor leagues but was never able to get himself called up to the big leagues. Bobby Bonds Junior is nearly six years younger than his older brother Barry. During an 11 year minor league career Bobby Bonds Junior bounced around to numerous teams and had moments of glory but was never able to successfully parlay his minor league efforts into any sort of Major League Baseball career with even a fraction of the success enjoyed by his brother Barry or father Bobby Bonds Senior.

Despite the early promise that Barry Bonds showed as a naturally gifted young athlete baseball historians would have been hard pressed to guess that Barry had any conceivable chance of surpassing the accomplishes of his relatives Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson, or for that matter his own father Bobby Bonds. Regardless of diverging opinions on implications of alleged performance enhancing drug use by Barry Bonds there is no arguing that he was the most dominant baseball player of his era.

Source by Sam Noffs

Planning Golf Events – 4 Amazing Golf Tournament Themes

When you are planning on hosting a golf event, there are a few issues you should keep in mind. Never forget the nature of audience for instance. Here are a few more tips to help you with your planning:

– What kind of people will you be inviting to participate in the event?

– What do you hope to achieve by holding this event?

– During which month are you planning on the tournament?

– What is the number of participants that you expect?

Any tournament is so much more fun to be a part of when it has a theme attached to it. With a golf tournament you should have a theme that keeps the love of golf in mind. Think of a creative theme that would fir within the boundaries of golf in some way. Think of various golf terms and connect them with other English words to help you decide on a suitable theme. However you choose to arrive at the theme, just make sure it has something to do with the game of golf.

At many tournaments people hand out mementos that are in line with their theme. That makes it even more important to have the appropriate theme, since people would remember it for some time to come, thanks to these gifts. Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating the right theme, which would help you organize other categories of the event as well:

1. The Tee theme, for instance, is a common theme that people use when hosting golf events, and your gifts and mementos could involve watches and other golf accessories. It is a theme which could often be used for tournaments concerning female players of all levels. The ladies just love being served with fresh cups of tea during the event, especially if the play is during the winter months..

2. The Diamonds in the rough is a popular theme for beginners golf events. The concept of the theme is to help the new players look within them selves to uncover the hidden golf pro inside. And who doesn’t like being told there is an expert within?

3. Golfing Guardian Angels – this is a great theme for an event which you are hosting for reasons of donation to charity. Many times organizers make wings for people to wear during the tournaments, and they also make teams for every sponsorship option.

4. When you want a fun theme, Las Vegas is a great idea; it always gets people in the mood to party. You could involve a little Las Vegas feel into the tournaments by holding a lottery on the side, and sponsoring the winner with a trip to Vegas itself.

These are only a few ideas; don’t be hesitant to make your own golf themes.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

How To Sew Lined Shoe Bags For Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Gym, Dance or any Other Drawstring Bag

Sewing shoe bags for the guys or gals in your life is a great gift idea. No matter what sport or hobby they enjoy or where they travel. . .far away or to the gym, shoe bags or drawstring bags come in handy.

The how to sew sewing instructions are for a lined drawstring shoe bag.

You are the designer. You can decide the purpose, fabric, design and size of your drawstring bag. Here are some suggestions.


Use whatever fabric suits your fancy. About 1/2 yard of fabric makes one shoe bag.

Sturdier fabrics like denim, canvas, slipcover fabric, fake suede, corduroy, etc. work well for sturdier shoes.

Fine fabrics like velour, velvet, cottons, flannels, etc. are good for dressier shoes.

Think about satin or silk for lingerie bags or jewelry bags. Or use mesh or terry for the beach or laundry bags.

Lining is optional. But, if you line the bags, choose a compatible lining fabric that won’t tear easily especially for the sturdier shoes. Sometimes the same fabric is the best lining. The instructions here are for a lined drawstring bag.

You may want to use washable fabrics so you can launder the bags later.

Preshrink all fabrics before cutting.


Use a pair of 36 inch long decorative shoe laces or leather laces for each bag or heavy cord or sew your own fabric or fake suede drawstrings. Ribbon also works.


Sew a test bag to see if the dimensions are right for you.

Cut one bag with the following suggested dimensions. Place the shoe inside and check to see if it fits well. Add or subtract from the length or width to adjust for whatever shoe or item that you have.

Suggested Sizes

For 2 golf shoe bags, cut 4 pieces of fabric 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Cut 4 pieces of lining 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches wide.

Note: Cut an extra drawstring bag for a golf ball bag.

Two bowling shoes will fit into one shoe bag. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Cut 2 lining 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches wide.

One bag may also hold 2 tennis shoes or 2 ladies dress shoes.

Gym shoes vary in size. For extra large or small shoes, measure around the shoe and adjust the size of the fabric plus seam allowances to accommodate the size of the shoe.

How To Sew Sewing Technique

Decorate the Shoe Bag

Make the drawstring bag unique with a special design or emblem. Think about monogramming the bags or adding a sport motif applique or embroidery design prior to stitching. Place the design about 3 inches from the bottom in the center of one of the 20 x 11 pieces.

After you trim the bag, place 2 bag pieces right sides together.

Measure and make a mark 5 inches down from the top of the bag on both sides.

Stitch 1/2 inch seam around bag starting and stopping at this 5 inch mark. Do not back stitch. For the first and last inch, use short stitches.

Repeat stitching as above for the lining.

Press all seams open on both bag and the lining.

Press under 1/2 inch on the unstitched 5 inch bag side edges. Fuse or stitch to hold.

Do the same for the lining.

Turn the bag right side out.

Turn the lining right side out.

Machine stitch 1/2″ at the bottom of the lining as if you were making a French seam. This creates a strong edge.

Turn the lining wrong side out.

Slip the lining down into the bag so that the top edge of the lining is 1/2 inch below the the top edge of the bag.

Fold the top edge of the front of the bag down 1/2 inch over the lining.

Press this fold to make a crease.

Now, bring the top folded pressed edge of the bag down to meet the side edges at the bottom of the opening.

Pin to hold and stitch close to this fold edge.

To make the casing, stitch 1″ above the previous stitching.

Repeat for the back side of the bag.

Insert Drawstrings

Use a safety pin or bodkin to help slide the drawstrings through the casings.

Slide one drawstring through the casing of the bag back and front having ends on the same side of the bag.

Insert the other drawstring starting at the other side of the bag, sliding through the casing of the bag back and front having ends on that side of the bag.

Tie the ends of the drawstrings together.

That completes the lined drawstring shoe bag.

Note: If the shoe bag is wide enough for two shoes, you may want to stitch up the center of the bag from the bottom up to (but do not include) the casing through all the layers to create separate compartments for each shoe to help keep them

from scuffing.

Pin before stitching and test to see if there is enough room

for the shoes. If not, you may want to increase the width

of your shoe bag.

Sew bags any size for anything. Everybody needs a bag for

something. Kids love treasure bags. Make big bags and little bags. Give drawstring bags to family and friends for Fathers’ Day, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Enjoy sewing bags!

It just makes sense!

Source by Marian Lewis

Make a Guy Fall in Love – Do You Understand How to Inspire and Motivate Him?

Do you know there are specific tools you can use to make a guy fall in love? What is it that inspires and motivates a man to pursue a deeper connection with you? Do you want to be irresistible to just about any man? If so, the following ideas will help you push the right buttons and make a guy fall in love.

A man can be physically attracted to you, be intimate with you, and have zero interest in a long term relationship with you. This is often hard for women to understand because we associate sex with love, while men easily disconnect the two. Because of these differences it is easy to blur the lines between love and lust since we tend to only view things from our own perspective. In order to create a love relationship, you need to attract a guy on both the physical and emotional level.

So how exactly do you relate to a man emotionally?

One way is to inspire him. Do your homework to find out what your man’s dreams and goals are, and then be a supportive influence in helping him achieve success in these areas. If he seems stressed about something, ask him how you can help. If he is discouraged, remind him how much you adore him in spite of the present circumstances. If he is tired, give him the gift of one of his favorite activities. Set up a time for him to go play golf if that’s what he likes. If he likes to jog, buy him a new pair of shoes or download some new songs to his iPod. Little things like this keep a man going when things get difficult. He’ll see you as a partner and appreciate the little ways you make his life better and more enjoyable. A guy falls in love because of how you make him feel. Showing him that you are aware of his needs creates in him a strong desire to reciprocate those feelings with you.

When he creates resistance in your relationship, give him some space. Match your tone to his. If he wants to be alone or spend time with his friends, give him that opportunity without making him feel guilty. This is a time for you to experience growth in your own life as well. Catch up with your friends, start a new project around the house, or work on something that you have been putting off. When a man is ready to reconnect, which usually doesn’t take long, he’ll see that you have been busy, and he’ll even wonder what he’s been missing with you while he’s been in his cave. Remember that it is natural for a man to withdraw from time to time. He may be overwhelmed; he may even be sorting out his feelings for you. The key is not to force him as this will threaten his freedom. A guy is more likely to fall in love with a woman who understands his need to have some space.

Source by Tina L. Jones

Breaking 80 Golf Tips – Five Tips For Hitting Pure Iron Shots From Wet Lies – For Duffers

I have been playing golf this winter under some very wet conditions. We have had more precipitation this winter than any winter I have seen since I moved to this area in 1998. That means I have had to play on a some pretty wet fairways or just not play at all.

With all this experience dealing with moist conditions I have discovered some great tips to help me hit pure iron shots time and again even when things are wet. Iron shots in particular are tricky from soggy conditions because the moisture in the soil inhibits the compression of the golf ball. Normally the downward blow of the iron squeezes the golf ball against the ground, forces it to begin spinning backwards and then explode off the clubface.

When the soil is moist there is less compression and with water in the grooves there is less compression and spin then under dry conditions. You are likely to see a significant reduction in distance and control. You might need to make some significant adjustments to consistently strike the ball cleanly as possible.

Apply these five tips to hit better, more crisp iron shots.

Pure Iron Shots Under Wet Conditions

  1. Use a fairway bunker stance. You want to pick the ball off the ground just like in a fairway bunker.
  2. Choke down. You will be standing on soft turf where your shoes will sink into the surface a bit. Choking down will prevent hitting the shot fat.
  3. Stand tall. Move a little closer and stand taller to promote a more vertical swing path and the needed descending blow.
  4. Hover the club. Don’t ground your club as usual. Instead hold it just above the ground. This will also help prevent the dreaded fat shot. A fat shot is made worse by the soft turf.
  5. Hit the back of the ball. You’ll need to make contact with the ball first. The margin for error is much smaller than normal with these conditions. Target a spot an inch in front of the ball and aim to begin your divot there after making contact with the back of the ball first.

Follow these tips and you will make pure, crisp contact with your irons every time when the ground is wet and soggy.

Think about this as well, the conditions and the adjustments above will mean your shots will be shorter than you are used to under normal conditions. When it is wet like this there is less ball compression at impact, you have choked down which diminishes clubhead speed and when the ball lands you’ll get a lot less roll. No problem. Simply take enough club to make up for the lost distance, maybe one or two extra will do it for you.

Also don’t forget to take advantage of the casual water rules when you can. That free drop can save you a whole lot more than just one stroke.

Source by Wayne Hudler

The Dirty Truth About Cheating

Touchy subject I know but it’s in all the headlines. With the current sex scandal of Tiger Woods, the subject needs to be discussed. It happens all over the world on a regular basis. Every cheater does not get caught. Every cheater is not a worldwide celebrity and creates a story that makes any canary sing.

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. A large majority of men do. Does that make him a bad person? No. Honestly it depends on how you look at it. How dare those women choose to sleep with a married man and then hurt his family by spilling the beans in person? How dare those women do that to his wife and kids. They knew he was married. That’s your bad you slept with him and he didn’t love you as much. I’m sure he liked you but you crossed the line.

And no, it doesn’t make him a bad man. Makes him a cheater. Has nothing to do with golf or anything else. He cannot be monogamous. Not all people are cut out for it. It’s a skill you have to learn like golf. Daddy should have taught him that instead… Often it’s a learned behavior. Wouldn’t see it any other way for some men.

In the average household the husband really loves his wife. Loves the family and the life that they live. There are some things that they would change. A man needs variety. A man needs spice in his life. No one wrote a book that was taught in class and when you graduate, you go out and get the job of a man. The wife, some kids, a dog and house note. There was no view master that allowed men to see what they were in store for. And this goes for women as well. There are a lot of women cheaters too. Don’t get me wrong. I’m talking to all that applies.

So while the man wants to have a family, he is still torn between the world he wants and the world he his secure in. A family is security. When you get home, there are people there that love you. You love them. You are happy people.

Then comes the other woman or man. The spice in your life. Have you ever eaten peach cobbler without nutmeg? Well that is how marriage or couple age is without spice. And admit that most marriages do not have spice.

Even to say, you can be the freak of all Octobers and the man will still cheat. So it’s not always one thing but it is definitely something.

The family means that he or she is warm and toasty. No need to be out in the cold, I have a family, security.

The other woman or man is adventure, pleasure and simple easy fun. No strings attached. Absolutely no strings attached. It’s so easy, everyone is doing it.

Why do people cheat? There are so many reasons why people cheat. Mostly it’s about pleasure and excitement, something new and fresh, and that’s it.

Someone else pays more attention to you than anyone ever has. They think you’re cute and maybe even sexy. They can’t live without you and your other doesn’t want to live with you.

Sneaking around is fun… how exciting is meeting up in a secret place and sneaking off to have mad passionate sex. I mean you haven’t seen each other in a week so sex is so hot right now. You can’t get that kind of sex at home.

The wife will only let you do it missionary position. Oohh… so sorry about that. How boring is that. That might send me running too. Ladies and or gentlemen, the missionary position is so old. I mean how old is that? You have to add some kind of new moves in your sex life. It cannot stay the same.

You have to UPgrade your skills. The new chic is going to come in and put a new whole in your man, or woman. It’s so much new stuff going on you don’t know who is doing who.

The world has gotten so deep in pornography and sex that everyone is going to hell in a hand basket.

Switch it up and have fun without being out of line. You know when you have crossed the line. Don’t play…

Buy a book or look on the internet for sex positions. There are so many that you can do without seeming odd or funny. Change is good and if you are willing together anything is possible.

Just make sure you are comfortable with the change and agree to back off if you or the other is not.

The other woman will do all sorts of positions. She will even give him anal sex. A man will eat her so well, she can have an orgasm just thinking about it.

The other man or woman has advantages on you. They are out to devour you and your man or woman. Not per say in a bad way, but they want the love so bad; they may do anything to get it. The game is on for these people. They don’t have a problem being in it for just the moment.

However, sometimes, it was all just an accident. Accidental lust or love happens all the time. There are times when we meet someone and get married and they were not the person we were supposed to marry. You run into someone at the grocery store and bam… a love affair.

Keep it moving… now we may meet our soul mate while we are married? Do you think that really happens? Of course, people sometimes force relationships when they were not mean to be, and the out part is too great to deal with. You stay and everyone is miserable. Aw… how do we deal with that?

We cheat. We shop. We eat. We gain weight. We lose ourselves in life because we are unhappy. We are with someone we really don’t want to be with, in a life that we no longer want to be a part of. What in the hell do you do about that? Huh? Really… what do you do?

People start cheating at times simply because the girl came to work with a really cute skirt and you are just a tramp. Yeah…you, a tramp. Sleep with every girl that will allow you to.

Men are worse hoes than women. They will sleep with a married woman just for the hell of it. Don’t even care about the chic. Just in it for a minute.

The dirty secret about cheating is that… it’s all a part of our makeup. It’s in our DNA. We will cheat. Thinking it is considered cheating. Flirting with it is cheating. Doing it is cheating. It is what it is.

Don’t know if any of you know the makeup of a woman but here are a few things you may want to know.

We need to be loved

We need to be touched

We need to feel appreciated

We need to feel as if we are important to you

We want to be on top

If you love a woman as she is supposed to be loved… she will rock your world on a regular basis. You won’t need to go cheat. Her sex drive would be out of this world. You see, when a woman is happy, she wants sex.

Married people no longer have sex, I get that. Went through it and it is so true. But if you make each other happy… or the man takes care of his queen, she will treat you like the king you really are.

Here also are some things that you should know about cheating. These things are really important. Better to understand the whole Monica Lewinsky and Tiger Woods thing.

Sex from the beginning of the bible has been a major issue. Sex is and always will be the reason for many disasters in our lives. You have control over you. That’s the only thing you have control over in this world, you. Utilize that power and don’t go overboard when it comes to sex and the game that is played.

Cheaters can put families in danger. The mister or mistress really loves you and can do some really bad things to you and your family in retaliation to being hurt. Their love is real and for you it was just a game.

They will call the wife or girlfriend to get you in trouble. If you hurt a mister or mistress, it can be really bad for everyone. It’s the reason you don’t cheat in the first place.

Women hate the women that cheat with their husbands. Say the husband is giving her money. You know how all that stuff started? Back in the day, the man cheated on his wife and to keep the girlfriend from telling he would give her money. It then appeared that mistresses were getting paid to cheat. It was that the men felt guilty for using them that way so they tried to ease the pain with cash, and lots of it. It’s not the woman’s fault; each man is on his own accord. A man or woman who cheats is considered weak.

You think that you will not get caught. You are screwing someone else for over a year and don’t think that anyone anywhere will ever find out. That is some imagination. Not only will someone find out, but all hell will break loose.

Do you think that if you feel you have to cheat to survive, that maybe you should leave your spouse so you can have more than one partner at a time? Don’t you think it is fair to say that if you have the desire to cheat that you should simply leave the one you’re with? Why would you hurt your family that way?

The dirty truth about cheaters is that you may be sleeping with one…

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Source by Summer Bradshau