Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: The Daiwa Exceler S4000 Fishing Reel

Like many anglers, I don’t have a great deal of money to spend on my fishing gear. So, when I want to add a piece of coarse fishing tackle to my collection, I always need to consider the price. Over the years, I’ve found that Daiwa products offer an optimal combination of price and performance. For that reason, I’m quite partial to them. Daiwa has a worldwide reputation for excellence, so choosing one of their products means you’re opting for superior fishing equipment. Here’s a brief review of a Daiwa reel I’ve recently acquired: the Exceler S4000.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Daiwa Exceler S4000 Fishing Reel

The Exceler range of reels is famous for its superior performance and exceptional versatility. Regardless of the species you’re stalking — from the humble barbel to the noble pike — the S4000 will be a valuable ally in the fight. The product line features a precision moulded body and rotor, which means the reel will feel quite comfortable, as well as be very durable. Durability is important to me, so I do appreciate this feature in the S4000. The gear ratio is 4.9:1, and the reel has a wider spool, so it’s every bit as powerful and functional as other fishing tackle in its class. This reel can crank 86cm of line with each turn of the handle, and also has Daiwa’s vaunted DigiGear2 system.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: More About the Daiwa Exceler S4000 Fishing Reel

For about £79.99, this is a great piece of coarse fishing tackle that’s loaded with many of Daiwa’s well-known features, including TwistBuster2 that virtually eliminates line twist. The S4000 also has infinite anti-reverse, and advanced level wind. The reel will hold about 190m or 14lb test fishing line, and weighs 14.1oz. I was glad to learn that the design process at Daiwa uses the latest in computer-aided design technology, so that precise performance is virtually guaranteed. The reel’s body is made from a strong die-cast aluminium alloy body, along with a machined aluminium spool, both of which help to minimise overall weight. The S4000 has 7 ball bearings, 2 of which are CRBBs (corrosion resistant ball bearings). Finally, the reel comes with a spare aluminium spool.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: Final Thoughts on the Exceler S4000 Reel

On a recent fishing trip, I had the occasion to loan the S4000 to a friend who’s quite particular about his gear. Here are his comments:

“I’ve looked at and used more fishing tackle than I’d care to admit. This Daiwa reel has just the right combination of price with quality. The cast and retrieve are exceptionally smooth, and the reel has an overall high-calibre look and feel. I think it would be quite durable as well, a feature that’s important to me. I’m certain it would do well in a wide variety of angling applications and venues.”

Enough said! The Daiwa Exceler S4000 reel is a superior piece of coarse fishing tackle for the price. Highly recommended!

Source by Tommy Lee Jones

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