Finding Pet Turtles for Sale

Now that turtles have become popular as pets, it is unfortunate that many people are looking to make money selling them while not taking into account the needs of the animal. When you are looking at pet turtles for sale there are certain signs you should pick up on to determine if they have been treated correctly. There are many turtles on the market that have been obtained illegally, normally by being smuggled in the country from aboard.

While owning a turtle is perfectly legal, if you buy one without knowing its background you run the risk of not only breaking the law but having a pet that is not well and needing a lot of looking after. The money you thought you were saving could be used up on expensive vet’s bills and you may also be guilty of perpetuating the trade and letting others suffer.

One of the first things you should look out for is the size of the shell. Anything less than 4 inches and the animal should not be bought. This law was brought in due to the outbreaks of salmonella over the years. It is important to have a permit and proof of where the turtle came from, as due to the fear of extinction for some species they should not be removed from the wild.

It is vital that you find out as much as possible about the background of the pet turtles for sale you buy. If they have been captured from the wild, they will not only be very stressed about their new environment and this is cruel, but also they may not survive long and you will need to replace them in as little as two years.

Not all shops will have illegal turtles, but to make sure that you are not caught out it will be a good idea to join an organization that deals with the raising and well being of turtles. They will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to reputable suppliers and also give you little bits of information if you are a new owner.

By just looking online it is possible to see many “pre loved” turtles for sale. It seems strange that people would decide to sell their pet without a good reason. There may genuine reasons for this, but it will be hard to tell from the photographs if they have been well looked after and you certainly will not know if they are legal.

There are many different types of turtle and they grow to different sizes. A reputable dealer will be able to tell you a lot about how to look after them and give you little tips about making their lives more comfortable. It is sad to see so many turtles up for sale as their original owners no longer seem to have tine for them. They can live for decades and can need quite a lot of care and attention to help them thrive. This should always be born in mind when you are looking at pet turtles for sale.

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