Here Are Two Power Sources That Your Golf Swing Must Have, Powerful Stuff!

If you think that your golf swing cannot produce the kind of golf ball flight that the pros produce, well, you may be right.

But what if you could do two things in your golf swing that would come very very close to giving you the power that you have hidden and not yet used?

The kind of power that would make your playing partners take serious notice. The kind of power that would give a chance to get to the green in two on some of those par 5’s.

And the kind of power that you already have but just don’t quite know how to get to.

I know these two things. I am going to give them to you now.

You know by now that golf instruction is usually not big on tiny details. Its the big picture that golf instruction is all about. You know things like getting the ball off the ground.

But here we are going to dig a bit deeper. This on line golf lesson is about finding a way to get to your natural power sources. And not about just getting the ball off the ground.

We know that one leads to another. Make a good move toward the ball and there is no worry about the ball leaving the ground. You will be wondering how close to the pin it will be.

A whole different mind set.

I want to let our imaginations run a little here so that we can think about the first of the two power sources and not think about the golf swing.

So imagine that you have an axe in your hand and you are going to cut down a tree. You grab the axe, step up to the tree, rear back with the axe and swing it down into the tree. Right ?

Did you check your grip ? Did you check alignment ? Did you hit the tree ?

Here is what actually would have happened, You would have hit the tree exactly where you were looking or if not exactly it would have been very close. And if you hit it hard there would have been a substantial chunk of wood flying off the tree.

And here is what it would have looked like. You would have stood more or less sideways to the tree, kinda like your golf swing set up, you would have made a backswing, kinda like your golf swing, and you would have made a downswing, kinda like your golf swing. The point here is that this move is much like your golf swing and in a moment I will show you how this is a lot like your correct golf swing.

Now if you had a baseball bat in your hand and a pitcher to throw baseballs for you to hit you would use about the same kind of move as you would with the axe.

And if you were a hockey player, and were to hit a slap shot you would have almost exactly the same move as the above two moves.

What is the one thing that all three of these moves have in common?

For righties………. the left shoulder does not spin out of the way, it stays close to your head and square to the target line if there were one.

If, in your baseball swing, if you allowed the left shoulder to spin out of the swing, you would either hit it to right field or miss it altogether.

If, in your hockey slap shot, you allowed you left shoulder to spin out, you would hit a very poor off line shot, or you would top the puck and it would go nowhere.

And while chopping the tree, if you allowed the left shoulder to spin out, you would not have hit the tree with power and little to no wood chunks would have been removed from the tree.

Now in your golf swing, if you allow you left shoulder to spin out of the swing on the way down, you will either hit the ball dead left or hit a left to right ball………. a slice.

This spinning out of the left shoulder is a common move for folks who tend to hit ” over the top” and hit a slice.

Keeping the left shoulder “in the swing” as long as possible, creates a power source, the support for power in the golf swing is the body, by keeping the body solid and steady on the left side is a power support for your golf swing.

One way to try this while on the range is to turn into your backswing and then swing down to the ball with your arms and hands … first… while keeping your back to the target as long a possible. This will, in turn, keep the left shoulder in the swing longer and you will hit against your left side.

A major power source!

You should try this as soon as possible using a small swing. Make a huge effort to get it right.

Power source number two is the old standby, the angle of the right wrist. It needs to be bent slightly at impact and the hands are slightly ahead of the clubhead at impact.

So get an early right wrist angle and keep it as long as you can.

This is truly a magic move if you can do it. These two power sources are what separates really good players from hackers.

There is no reason for you to be a hacker. You may not be able to do these every single time on every single swing. But if you try you will get enough good power swings out of this to make a huge difference.

So just go do it. Golf instruction is not easy for you or the teacher but when you get good information try to get the most out of it.

Source by Paul Macleod

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