How to Grow Taller? Top 5 Exercises to Help You Grow Taller Fast

Do you think it is possible to grow taller with grow taller exercises? It sure is, but the important thing here is that you must be determined if you want to succeed. If you are persistent, you can grow about two inches in as little as one month.

Let’s look at the five best exercises to help you grow taller:

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most healthy exercises and is excellent not only for growing taller but for your overall health. The best technique is a crawl, because it stretches your legs and your spine and at the same time it widens your shoulders.

2. Running/Sprinting

Numerous studies have shown that sprinting boosts up the HGH levels. The longer you sprint, the more human growth hormone your body will produce. Try to sprint for at least three times a week for as long as you can. But be sure not to over do it.

3. Hanging

Hanging can help you lengthen your spine. Try to hang for at least 30 minutes a week. If your hands hurt just put on some gloves.

4. Cycling

Cycling is also excellent for growing taller. It is important that you have your seat set up high.

5. Squats

A great exercise for your legs and spine. But squats can be dangerous if not done right. Start with light weights and always do the squat stretch before doing this exercise. There are numerous websites that teach you how to do squats properly if you don’t know how to do them.

Doing these exercises can help you grow taller but you must be aware that there are more factors for you to consider. You have to eat the right foods and get enough sleep also. That is why I suggest you make some sort of a plan to do everything properly.

Source by Tommy Morgan

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