How to Last Longer in Bed – Lesson 6 – The Hidden Secret to Lasting Longer in Bed

In our last lesson we discussed a method for how to keep from losing control when someone else (meaning your lover) is in charge of the sexual stimulation. Today we are going to move into a more “personal” training method. This technique is one that I like to call a sexual conditioning drill.

What do I mean by that?

Well think about sports for a moment. When you are learning to practice a sport you have drills that build technical expertise. In other words they give you skills. For instance in baseball you might practice catching a ball or pitching the ball to develop your ability to curve it. In basketball you might practice shooting the ball from various distances, soccer the same thing only using your feet instead of your hands..

These are skill development drills.

Conditioning exercises develop more fundamental physical or mental attributes. For instance a boxer might do “roadwork” to build up his cardiovascular endurance. Endurance is a trait, its not a skill. In our earlier lessons we showed you “techniques.” Tactics that you could use to last longer during intercourse and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Today we are focusing on building pure sexual stamina and the ability to control your arousal . You might remember that one our earliest “calibration drills” worked by moving you up and down the arousal scale in order to make you aware of your sexual responsiveness. Now we are going to enhance and prolong your sexual endurance.

Keep in mind.

This is a solo exercise. If you have an ethical or moral problem with masturbation you should probably skip this lesson. But you will miss out on some major power development if you do.

Let’s jump in.

Okay, Let’s start off by getting yourself erect.

Now you can do this in what ever way works best for you.some guys like to watch porn. Some like to fantasize. Others just do it by touching themselves or in some combination of the previous three.

Do what works best for you.

Once you are fully erect, keep stimulating yourself for a couple minutes. Now apply some lubricant. You can use what ever sort of water soluble lubricant you like best..

Apply it liberally to the “frenulum” or head of your penis. If you are not circumcised you need to pull back your foreskin and apply lube directly to the head of your penis and the surrounding area.

Now we are going to apply a special technique using the forefinger, middle finger,and thumb of your dominant hand.

Take your first three fingers and wrap them around the head of your penis. Now, using all three of your fingers, apply a gentle jerking motion to the head of your penis.

Make sure you are using plenty of lubrication, and continue to apply the stimulation in a smooth rhythmic motion to top inch or so of your penis- essentially the head and just below the head of your penis. With me so far?


Next phase…

The reason you are targeting this area is because it is the head of your penis that is the most sensitive area and the the part tends to become most hyper-aroused during sexual intercourse. This is what makes you ejaculate too soon.

So, as you continue this rhythmic motion, squeeze your penis quite tightly. Now experiment and test how much stimulation and/or pressure you need to suddenly boost the stimulation you are feeling.

Keep going

You will quickly (literally) discover that your stimulation levels continue to rise. Keep applying more lubricant as needed to avoid brush burns, discomfort and keep the sensation pleasurable.

Now your going to begin what I call “Cresting”

Think of how a wave reaches its peak or “crest” just before it breaks and collapses.

In this drill we are going to practice managing our level of sexual arousal within that window between being moderately aroused and that point of no return or the “crest” of our orgasmic wave.

To do the cresting exercise properly you are going to have to:

– Raise your level of sexual arousal to about an 8 or 9 on the sexual arousal scale

– Start dropping your sexual arousal back down to a 7,

– Then increase the level of sexual stimulation until you are once again hovering at about an 8 or a 9. Then

– Slowly bring yourself back down the scale to a 7

Keep doing this until you really feel the sensations building in your penis, and you really will feel it. Continue to do this exercise for around three minutes before you allow yourself to reach orgasm.

Now, on that note, It is often a good idea to actually not allow yourself to have an orgasm.

You might ask why?

Well think about it. Isn’t the point of the exercise to build your staying power by teaching you to be able to operate at high levels of sexual arousal?

Of course it is,… and isn’t that exactly what happens in the bedroom?

The choice is yours.

You can either allow yourself the reward for practicing by allowing yourself to reach orgasm or. You can clean up and go about the rest of your day feeling proud of your ever increasing ability to control your ejaculatory and orgasmic response. Ideally you should use this solo “cresting” exercise for at least once a day for three to five consecutive days and then… Take a day off. Repeat the process.

After you can do three minutes easily, step it up to ten minutes, then fifteen, then twenty.(most people with P.E. would kill to last 20 minutes My students often hit 60 minutes with very little trouble.)

If your doing ten minutes or longer you are well on your way. Repetition is the mother of skill and conditioning. This is not a once and done project. You didn’t become a premature ejaculator over night.

Regardless of what you might think.

In most cases you won’t completely obliterate it in one night either.

But you can completely cure yourself of P.E. once and for all if you apply the right tools, at the right time, and with the right coaching.

Not every case of P.E. is caused by the same thing. That is why you need a comprehensive system of sexual self-improvement to insure maximum sexual gains in minimum time.

That’s why if you are really serious about how to last longer during intercourse and stop premature ejaculation once I cordially invite you to visit my blogs by clicking on the links below.

Until Tomorrow,

Rock Her World and Take Names…

Your Friend and Loyal Sex Coach

David Van Arrick

PS: Tomorrow I’ll give you another great solo training technique that will really super-charge your sexual stamina.

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