How to Reel Girls in Like Fish With Bait – Powerful Secrets of Female Psychology You Should Know

One main reason why guys fail in luring girls in is that they somehow believe that they are inferior to girls. Guys see hot girls and instantly think they have no chances with them because they are incredibly gorgeous. The thought of seeming like a creep or a weirdo because of bad looks, quirky behaviors or a lack of money is usually what stops a lot of guys from getting with gorgeous girls. If you wish to turn into a true ladies’ man, you will have to get rid of the negative attitude before anything else.

Regardless of how much money you have and what you look like, the most essential thing to girls is how you can make them feel. Learn how to control female emotions and get girls to feel strongly attracted to you in an instant with these amazing secrets.

Powerful Secrets Of Female Psychology You Should Know To Reel Girls In Like Fish With Bait

Secret One: “Confuse And Conquer”. If girls do not know what you are thinking or what your plans are, they will be more attracted to you. Girls don’t care about guys who openly profess their love. This might sound weird, but if you have the ability to keep girls off balance, they will become much easier to win over. If a girl has to work hard to find out your real intentions, she will become all the more mesmerized by you. After you reach this stage, she will be more than willing to do whatever you want to keep you by her side.

Secret Two: “Irrational Power”. Logic will not make a girl lose her inhibitions; emotions will. If a girl can come up with highly logical explanations for the things that you do, she will have complete control and you will lose. However, if she feels thrilled because of the unpredictable, she will become completely compliant to all of your wishes.

Building emotional connections can lay clear paths to a girl’s heart. If she is not able to think clear because her emotions have started to take over, she will be more than willing to jump into bed with you. For the quickest way to build this kind of connection, look to hypnosis. One particular hypnosis technique, called fractionation, is reputed to be able to make a woman love you in 15 minutes or even less.

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