How to Use a Laser Rangefinder

Laser range finders used to be exclusive only for military operation. Today, it has been used by civilians for different purposes including hunting, building, construction, forestry and golf. This gadget works by bouncing a harmless infrared beam off the intended target. The time it takes for the laser light to bounce back is read as the distance between the rangefinder and the object. It is very simple to use and the readings shown on the screen are easy to understand and are very straightforward.

When using the laser rangefinder, make sure that it is powered by a fully charged battery. Weak batteries may create weak signal thereby affecting the readings. As you take your position, sight for your target. As soon as you can see the target on the scope, click the fire button and a red dot will be emitted to the target. Let go of the fire button and you will notice the red dot to stay with the target for a few seconds while the rangefinder fires lasers. Stand still while waiting for the readings to get an accurate result. As the device completes its measurement, read the results on the rangefinder display. Some would sound an audible tone once the result is ready while others display a notice inside the viewfinder.

You can use a tripod to keep the laser rangefinder still so it would yield a more accurate result. If you just bought the gadget, familiarize its use by reading its manual carefully. Some rangefinder have a minimum distance to target, hence below the stipulated range can not be read by the device. To be precise in your measurement, check your target. Objects with photo-reflective surfaces such as street signs can bounce light, for better visibility at night. Hence, objects like these can be a perfect target. Dark colored or matte entity reflects poorly, thus yielding to a less accurate reading. This device are available in the market as low as $ 85 and as high as $ 600. However, the aid that it gives to enhance measurement abilities of engineers, hunters, golfers, etc., pays off the money that this instrument can offer. Besides in ease in its use would not hold you back from trying it. Who knows you might also be benefited by this very high tech instrument.

Source by Buck Anderson

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