Infrared Sauna Reviews – Tips on Choosing Your Infrared Sauna Kit

Infrared saunas are fast becoming popular alternatives to the traditional steam sauna because of the many advantages they provide. There are hundreds of companies offering far infrared saunas nowadays that it is sometimes difficult to decide on the best one. If you’re about to buy one, make sure to read infrared sauna reviews that are published online to help you make a comparison among the different brands available.

Infrared sauna reviews provide information on some of today’s infrared sauna kits which are usually made in the US, Canada and Japan. Infrared saunas vary in the wood and the kind of heater used. They all come in different sizes, depending on how many people can be accommodated in one session. The more sophisticated lines offer other amenities which may include a home video system and piped in music!

These reviews help consumers choose the best option in today’s far infrared sauna markets. A smart thing to do before heading on to any of today’s sauna manufacturers is to check these reviews, to understand the features that each brand provides. Another consideration, of course is your budget. You may be trying to save some bucks by buying the cheapest infrared sauna kit, but they may just be white elephants in the future if the materials used are inexpensive wood, light elements and controls. Choose one that is reasonably priced, made of high quality wood such as cedar, which is known for its good aroma or poplar which is ideal for people with allergies. Ceramic infrared lamps provide the most benefit in terms of cost efficiency, and the range of heat emitted.

Health Benefits

Infrared heat can penetrate the deep tissues, and the warmth that exudes from it is an ideal cure for muscle and joint pains. A person suffering from arthritis can feel some relief from pain, without exposing the body to extreme heat. The warm light penetrates the muscles through the process of conversion, and stimulates the internal organs to function properly.

The body perspires as a reaction to the increased heat, and toxins and other carcinogenic elements are released through opened skin pores. The heat emanating from the infrared lamps also stimulates the heart to pump more blood to the cells, which means oxygen is loaded back into the internal organs making them function better.

Regular use of the infrared heat saunas can also help someone lose weight, even without grueling exercises. One can easily burn calories per session, equivalent to a good one hour of jogging while enjoying the relaxing, warm atmosphere. Thus the body will enjoy the same benefits one can get from regular exercise such as a leaner and healthier body and develop more resistance to chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. It is a good way to release stress, improve skin tone and perk up the immune system at less the temperature that one can get exposed to in a conventional steam sauna.

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