Is Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis Interfering With Your Life? Simple BV Cures to Solve Your Problem

Recurring bacteria infections of the vagina can be a difficult issue to handle. Some of its symptoms like vaginal odor are often a cause of embarrassment. In fact if you resort to conventional medicines for vaginosis treatment there are chances that the infection recurs. You need some permanent cure which is easy to implement and also provides a long term solution. Bacterial vaginosis natural cures are one such option which many women prefer since it does not have any side effects. It gives permanent relief and is a much cheaper option too.

In this article I am going to detail 3 of the most popular bacterial vaginosis natural cures which you can try out from the comfort of your home.

To get rid of this infection completely a 3 pronged BV Cures approach is required

-Firstly the bad bacteria responsible for the infection need to be eliminated.

-Secondly good bacteria count in the vagina must be increased so as to balance the vaginal flora.

-Thirdly immune system of the body should be strengthened to ward off infections and prevent its recurrence.

Hydrogen peroxide is naturally present in the vagina. However when the level of good bacteria depletes the level of hydrogen peroxide also goes down. To make up for this loss it is advisable to buy hydrogen peroxide solution from the market. Dilute it by mixing with water and wash the vagina twice a day. This will help to kill the bad bacteria in the vagina.

Lactobacillus acidophilus capsules help in improving the number of good bacteria in the vagina. Alternatively you can try out other pro-biotic based BV cures that can replenish the vagina with good bacteria.

Consuming salmon and tuna fish is very good for improving body immunity. Alternatively fish oil capsules can also serve the purpose. Other food based bacterial vaginosis natural cures include nuts, almonds, flaxseeds which improve the body immunity. All these are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

In addition to these simple bacterial vaginosis natural cures you will have to maintain proper vaginal hygiene and eat a well balanced diet. Keep the vagina clean and dry by washing with plain water 2-3 times. This will also keep vaginal odor at bay. Have protected sex and avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

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