Koi Price Depends Upon Color

Breeding koi is a fashionable hobby today. However, while owners can take delight in watching them, they can also be a rich source of income. Well bred koi can command a good koi price. Pices usually depend upon the color patterns, general appearance, peculiarities, and their health. Healthy fish are the ones that have the brightest colors. Serious collectors are choosy when selecting fish as pets. For them koi price is not an issue since they are determined to collect better and more expensive fish.

Breeders usually look for fish types that can produce unique color patterns. The most expensive koi are usually bred from high quality varieties with striking colors. The price of many male and female breeders are high since they are capable of reproducing more fry with attractive and stunning color patterns. Many koi breeders sell their koi online, while some own pet shops. If you plan to buy expensive fish you need to look for good quality koi. You need to exercise caution when buying expensive koi. A high koi price does not necessarily mean that the koi are of good quality unless you are able to identify the best variety. Collecting and breeding involves plenty of work but the dividends are surprisingly high.

It is essential to gain proper knowledge of the various types of koi. Their elegance and unparalleled beauty are what drives attracts an increasing amount of hobbyists to buy koi fish. Breeders usually set the price based on what they look like according to Japanese standards of classification. If you don’t intend to enter koi competitions then you ought to simply buy what appeals to you as long as it meets your budget. In this case, there is no harm in buying better grade at a higher price as long as you appreciate its value.

While pricing is important, you must understand that a young fry looks fairly drab. The color and patterns develop over the fish’s lifespan. Different types take varying times to develop. However, this is the interesting part of the hobby, which takes the longest to learn. Young koi are less expensive since it is difficult to determine how they will develop. Once you learn the art, you will be able to pick up high quality koi. This will give you a better chance to pick up koi at a lesser price and move on to sell them at a much higher value.

Koi pricing changes according to size and grade. Some are priced on their uniqueness and rarity. Decorative koi are usually priced around $20 for a 4″ to 6″ for a healthy variety, with an 18″ koi costing anything up to $175. Breeders are usually in search of a grand champion koi and look for their potential body shape when that grow to at least 30 inches. The depth of color is another factor that determines koi price, which is much like determining the coats of paint on a wall. Lighter coats tend to lose their luster. Pattern is another aspect that determine koi price. Breeders look for patterns that meet the criteria in a koi competition.

When buying koi, make sure you question the seller about the koi price. This is the best way to get to know the value of the koi as long as you have done your homework well.

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