Lycra/Spandex Fetish Explained

Spandex fetishism, also known as lycra fetishism is a sexual arousal or gratification resulting from an attraction to people wearing stretchy fabrics. Spandex, or lycra which is an alternative fabric similar to spandex, is often worn by swimmers, cyclists, dancers, circus performers, and those in other careers where some durable garment is necessary. As a result of it’s obvious association with these lines of work, it is not uncommon to find that spandex fetishists marry fantasies about swimming, cycling, dancing, etc. into their personal fetishes. More commonly, however, lycra/spandex fetishism normally involves simply wearing or watching a partner wear the material.

There are a number of reasons why spandex fetishism can arouse certain individuals. First, there is the fact that the tight cloth forms a type of ‘second skin.’ This ‘second skin’ can act as a proxy for the wearer’s own skin while the tightness of the garment may also imply sexual bondage in the eyes of spandex fetishists. In addition to the physical appearance of the wearer, the soft, silk-like feel of some of the material can be viewed as sensual. Spandex fetishists who wear the garment also may experience sexual excitement as a result of the pressure that envelopes parts of the body, including the genitals.

Full-body, skin-tight, spandex-like suits entered popular culture in comic books, as worn by superheroes and superheroines. Catwoman, Batgirl, Spider-Woman, Phoenix were all featured in their respective roles wearing a material that resembled skin-tight spandex. Accordingly, spandex fetishism is often closely associated with the superheroes and comic book culture.

More recently, spandex has been featured in the popular show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ where Charlie Day dances in a full-body greenman suit. The most recent ‘Fantastic Four’ (2005) film also features many of the main characters wearing full-body spandex suits that are particularly revealing.

Spandex fetishists tend to be particularly fond of ‘Breakin’ (1984) and ‘Heavenly Bodies’ (1984). Each of these films features scantily clad women in bright colored skin-tight suits dancing erotically for the extent of the picture.

Extensive online communities and shopping website exist to cater to lycra/spandex fetishism. This particular fetish is regarded as harmless and many fetishists are able to work their spandex fantasies into relationships without any major impact to their daily lives.

Source by Ashton Field

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