Night And Dawn Fishing For Largemouth Bass

Right now is the time to be on the water for bass, in most of the country. Many people in the US and Canada live in environments that are cold 8 months of the year. And there are basically 4 or 5 months of comfortable fishing weather for anglers. And, sometimes, in the heat of the summer, it is way too hot outside to get a good bite going. Spring and fall are the best times to go fishing and be somewhat comfortable.

In some parts of the US it seems as though winter just ended and we transitioned right into summer. What is a fisherman to do. It’s like Godilocks, too hot or too cold. Well, most die hard bass anglers know that in the summer you go fishing at night or in the morning. Roasting in the sun is for the young, and inexperienced anglers, who like sunburns and no fish. Most lakes are different bodies of water in the morning and night as compared to the day. In fact, on most clear lakes where you can see far out into the water, when morning turns to mid morning, you can actually see fish cruise out of the shallows and into deeper water. In the heat of the summer, even if you have a boat to go chase fish into deeper water they probably will not be interested in doing much eating.

Getting on lakes in the wee hours of the morning in the summer is a great way to catch tons of big fish. While most other fisherman are sleeping off their Friday night hangovers, you will be skipping down a shoreline to your favorite spot. Usually, great fishing can be had from right before first light to about 2 or 3 hours after sunrise. Of course, this varies greatly depending on how hot the day is supposed to be. On hundred degree days, you may be able to fish for only an hour after sun rise, because the day will simply get too hot.

In the dog days of summer, when day temperatures are in the upper 90s, you want to be doing a good deal of night fishing. Don’t even leave your house until it gets pitch black outside. Fish often go on feeding frenzies at night when day time temperatures make it too hot to hunt. When you go night fishing for bass there are a few lures that are excellent producers. One of these lures is any medium sized crankbait with rattles. Use the lure in shallow rocky shorelines that are near deeper water. When bass hear these lures ticking of the bottom, and creating tons of noise, they will hunt them down with a ferocity that is not experienced during daytime fishing.

These bass crankbaits [] will attract bass all night long. Many people like to use top water lures at night, thinking that the fish will have an easier time hearing and eating something that is splashing around on the surface of the water. Well, top water lures do work at night, however, fish tend to miss a topwater bait quite often, be it night or day. And, most feeding takes place subsurface at night, where school of largemouth herd bait fish. So take advantage of the subsurface bite at night.

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