Powerbait Trout Worms – Rigging & Fishing This Unique Trout Bait

If you spend any time fishing for trout you should be aware of Powerbait trout worms, and if you are not aware of this unique trout bait you will be after reading this article. Of the many trout baits available to trout fishermen, Powerbait trout worms are one of the most effective trout baits that can be employed when fishing for trout, especially in river and stream fishing scenarios. In this article I will outline the best way of rigging and fishing the unique and wonderful trout fishing bait.

For anyone who isn’t aware, Powerbait trout worms are man made three inch long worms that are available in eight different colors from natural to bubblegum (which I hear is a great color for steelhead fishing by the way). These manufactures trout baits have been impregnated with trout attracting scents and are extruded to appear like actual worms. When it comes to trout baits, power trout worms are very effective, especially when rigged and fished in an effective manner.

Powerbait trout worms are distributed in an easy to open baggie with a Ziploc closure that fits nicely in your pocket or a pocket on your fishing vest. Once a worm is removed from the baggie, rigging it effectively is of the utmost importance. This means that a set of #10 gang hooks should be employed. Why gang hooks? Well, gang hooks are simply two fishing hooks that are tied back to back and allow you to present your Powerbait worm in a manner that looks completely natural to the trout you are attempting to catch, and size #10 fishing hooks are quite small and are very difficult for trout to detect, which means that you will receive more bites when using them.

Powerbait trout worms are most effective when fished in the flowing waters of a river or stream (as I mentioned earlier). To fish this unique trout bait effectively rig a worm onto your size #10 gang hooks, cast it into the current, and allow it to flow naturally with said current as it ‘rolls’ along the bottom while keeping your line taught as much as possible. The gang hooks should be attached with a small barrel swivel and then split shot sinkers should be added for weight above said barrel swivel. The number and size of the split shot will vary with water conditions, but the goal is to have enough weight for your rig to ‘tick’ the bottom without becoming snagged.

This is an extremely effective way of rigging and fishing this unique trout bait, so add this fishing technique and bait to your trout fishing repertoire sooner, rather than later. When it comes to trout baits there is little doubt that Powerbait trout worms are among the best baits that can be employed when fishing for these sometimes difficult to catch and beautiful fish.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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