She’s Into You – Signs That She Has the Hots for You

Do you ever wonder if she really likes you or she’s just being nice? Do you think she is flirting but never said anything about being interested in you? Women would usually give you mixed signals. Since they are naturally unpredictable, you should learn how to determine if she likes you or not. Unfortunately, we cannot read minds but we can tell from these signs.

Sign 1: Just everywhere

One day, you see her working out at the same gym that you go to.All of a sudden, she hangs out at the same club on the same nights that you were there. You see her at all the parties that you attend. There are lot more possibilities on this, but the only point that you need to get is that, if you don’t really see her that often before and you see her everywhere you go now, then she likes you.

Sign 2: Makes the first move

Notice the way she moves when you are with her. Does she touch you on your arm often? Does she smile a lot or does she often initiate meetings? Does she ask you if your free for coffee all the time?

Sign 3: Acts sexy

It is easy to find out if she’s into you or not. You would know it from the way that she moves. Does she play with her fair while she talks to you? Does she fondle with her jewelry?

Sign 4: Always free

If she’s into you, she will always be free no matter what. She will always want to be with you even if it means that she has to watch you play basketball for hours or watch a football match with you on a Wednesday. If she is into you, she’ll never have “No” for an answer.

Sign 5: Asks too many questions

Does the girl ask a lot of questions that sometimes seems a little awkward to you? Does the girl ask you about your favorite food or your favorite TV show? If she’s into you, she’ll want to know everything about you, from your hobbies to your favorite color.Take note that a women, by nature, loves to talk about themselves. If lets you do all the talking, then she really likes you.

Sign 6: Hates it when other girls are around

Girls know it when there are other kittens around. If she is into you, she will never want to share you with the other girls. She will be defensive and sarcastic when she feels like another girl got you attention. A girl who is into you will take competition seriously. She will do anything just to make sure that your eyes are only on her.

Source by Cindy Morse

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