Snowboarding Tips – How Can I Overcome My Fear Of Attempting New Snowboarding Tricks?

Snowboarding can be very scary, especially when your trying new snowboarding tricks and jumps, overcoming that fear is the key to success, but how do we overcome that fear? Is it even possible? You bet it is!

How do I learn from my mistakes?

Learning from your mistakes is simple and a great way to progress. The best way to learn from your mistakes is by knowing how you went wrong on a trick. This then means you know that if you do it the same way again, your still going to fail. You then know what not to do next time, and overall lower your fear for that trick / jump!

What happens then, is once you start to become aware of why you wiped out, you tend not to make that same mistake again, resulting in you being more successful on future occasions!

Why should I take one small step at a time instead of taking big ones?

Think of it as if you were learning to swim … You do not get chucked in at the deep end as soon as you master how to tread water. No, you practise and practise and slowly increase the difficulty of the swimming.

It's the same with snowboarding tricks, do not try to do tricks Shaun White does straight away, because you need to master the basics first! You do not want to be trying to hit a huge jump right after you've only just mastered a smaller one, because chances are, you're going to fail, meaning your fear stays right where it is, and does not allow you to progress!

How do i know when I should back down?

One of the biggest causes of injuries and deaths in snowboarding is down to the fact people do not know when to say enough is enough. Either because they are not advanced enough to try certain things, or because they are simply so pumped up they are acting crazy!

One of the easiest ways to know when you should stop is by taking a look at the riders also trying the same trick … do they look as if they're more advanced than you? If so, you know your pushing your luck in attempting the trick!

What should I do if I crash / fall?

First of all, check to see if what your attempting is to advanced for you. If not, then its simple … Get up and try again. All of the pros get to where they are today through practise, so if you are looking to progress your riding and lose the element of fear, your going to have to get good at that trick first.

Now yes, this could mean you have endure nerves, but if that leads to you overcoming your fear … then its worth it!

Source by Nick Carr Jones

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