Sweat Proof Racquetball Glove From an Unexpected Place

Have you seen those guys with 10 racquetball gloves hanging from the handle of their gym bag? Are you one of them? I used to be too but not anymore. I use only one sweat proof racquetball glove no matter how many games I play and never lose my grip.

Some special glove designed just for racquetball? No, it’s a golf glove, but not a regular golf glove. It’s one made for playing in the rain. All major golf manufacturers make a glove designed for wet weather. Think about it… sweat is pretty much just as wet as rain..

Worried that your buddies will think you’re either cheap or a doofus? I’m sure you can find expensive, snobby gloves that really look like they mean business for racquetball. Maybe your opponent will be so impressed by your equipment that they’ll be intimidated. Isn’t that why you bought that expensive racket?

Well, I hope not! I’m guessing you’re using the racket you are because it gives you the best performance for the price and it fits your game. Don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box when choosing a sweat proof racquetball glove. Even if it’s made for golf it can still be the best glove for holding onto a racket.

At first I thought it was pretty flimsy and probably would not last very long but not so. Since it’s made to be wet it’s also actually easier to maintain. All I do is rinse it out after every use and maybe throw it in the washing machine every once in a while when I think of it.

Be careful ordering however. If you tell a golf manufacturer “right hand” they could assume you are a right handed golfer and will send you a golf glove for your left hand.

Source by L Cannon

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