The Dirty Truth About Cheating

Touchy subject I know but it’s in all the headlines. With the current sex scandal of Tiger Woods, the subject needs to be discussed. It happens all over the world on a regular basis. Every cheater does not get caught. Every cheater is not a worldwide celebrity and creates a story that makes any canary sing.

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. A large majority of men do. Does that make him a bad person? No. Honestly it depends on how you look at it. How dare those women choose to sleep with a married man and then hurt his family by spilling the beans in person? How dare those women do that to his wife and kids. They knew he was married. That’s your bad you slept with him and he didn’t love you as much. I’m sure he liked you but you crossed the line.

And no, it doesn’t make him a bad man. Makes him a cheater. Has nothing to do with golf or anything else. He cannot be monogamous. Not all people are cut out for it. It’s a skill you have to learn like golf. Daddy should have taught him that instead… Often it’s a learned behavior. Wouldn’t see it any other way for some men.

In the average household the husband really loves his wife. Loves the family and the life that they live. There are some things that they would change. A man needs variety. A man needs spice in his life. No one wrote a book that was taught in class and when you graduate, you go out and get the job of a man. The wife, some kids, a dog and house note. There was no view master that allowed men to see what they were in store for. And this goes for women as well. There are a lot of women cheaters too. Don’t get me wrong. I’m talking to all that applies.

So while the man wants to have a family, he is still torn between the world he wants and the world he his secure in. A family is security. When you get home, there are people there that love you. You love them. You are happy people.

Then comes the other woman or man. The spice in your life. Have you ever eaten peach cobbler without nutmeg? Well that is how marriage or couple age is without spice. And admit that most marriages do not have spice.

Even to say, you can be the freak of all Octobers and the man will still cheat. So it’s not always one thing but it is definitely something.

The family means that he or she is warm and toasty. No need to be out in the cold, I have a family, security.

The other woman or man is adventure, pleasure and simple easy fun. No strings attached. Absolutely no strings attached. It’s so easy, everyone is doing it.

Why do people cheat? There are so many reasons why people cheat. Mostly it’s about pleasure and excitement, something new and fresh, and that’s it.

Someone else pays more attention to you than anyone ever has. They think you’re cute and maybe even sexy. They can’t live without you and your other doesn’t want to live with you.

Sneaking around is fun… how exciting is meeting up in a secret place and sneaking off to have mad passionate sex. I mean you haven’t seen each other in a week so sex is so hot right now. You can’t get that kind of sex at home.

The wife will only let you do it missionary position. Oohh… so sorry about that. How boring is that. That might send me running too. Ladies and or gentlemen, the missionary position is so old. I mean how old is that? You have to add some kind of new moves in your sex life. It cannot stay the same.

You have to UPgrade your skills. The new chic is going to come in and put a new whole in your man, or woman. It’s so much new stuff going on you don’t know who is doing who.

The world has gotten so deep in pornography and sex that everyone is going to hell in a hand basket.

Switch it up and have fun without being out of line. You know when you have crossed the line. Don’t play…

Buy a book or look on the internet for sex positions. There are so many that you can do without seeming odd or funny. Change is good and if you are willing together anything is possible.

Just make sure you are comfortable with the change and agree to back off if you or the other is not.

The other woman will do all sorts of positions. She will even give him anal sex. A man will eat her so well, she can have an orgasm just thinking about it.

The other man or woman has advantages on you. They are out to devour you and your man or woman. Not per say in a bad way, but they want the love so bad; they may do anything to get it. The game is on for these people. They don’t have a problem being in it for just the moment.

However, sometimes, it was all just an accident. Accidental lust or love happens all the time. There are times when we meet someone and get married and they were not the person we were supposed to marry. You run into someone at the grocery store and bam… a love affair.

Keep it moving… now we may meet our soul mate while we are married? Do you think that really happens? Of course, people sometimes force relationships when they were not mean to be, and the out part is too great to deal with. You stay and everyone is miserable. Aw… how do we deal with that?

We cheat. We shop. We eat. We gain weight. We lose ourselves in life because we are unhappy. We are with someone we really don’t want to be with, in a life that we no longer want to be a part of. What in the hell do you do about that? Huh? Really… what do you do?

People start cheating at times simply because the girl came to work with a really cute skirt and you are just a tramp. Yeah…you, a tramp. Sleep with every girl that will allow you to.

Men are worse hoes than women. They will sleep with a married woman just for the hell of it. Don’t even care about the chic. Just in it for a minute.

The dirty secret about cheating is that… it’s all a part of our makeup. It’s in our DNA. We will cheat. Thinking it is considered cheating. Flirting with it is cheating. Doing it is cheating. It is what it is.

Don’t know if any of you know the makeup of a woman but here are a few things you may want to know.

We need to be loved

We need to be touched

We need to feel appreciated

We need to feel as if we are important to you

We want to be on top

If you love a woman as she is supposed to be loved… she will rock your world on a regular basis. You won’t need to go cheat. Her sex drive would be out of this world. You see, when a woman is happy, she wants sex.

Married people no longer have sex, I get that. Went through it and it is so true. But if you make each other happy… or the man takes care of his queen, she will treat you like the king you really are.

Here also are some things that you should know about cheating. These things are really important. Better to understand the whole Monica Lewinsky and Tiger Woods thing.

Sex from the beginning of the bible has been a major issue. Sex is and always will be the reason for many disasters in our lives. You have control over you. That’s the only thing you have control over in this world, you. Utilize that power and don’t go overboard when it comes to sex and the game that is played.

Cheaters can put families in danger. The mister or mistress really loves you and can do some really bad things to you and your family in retaliation to being hurt. Their love is real and for you it was just a game.

They will call the wife or girlfriend to get you in trouble. If you hurt a mister or mistress, it can be really bad for everyone. It’s the reason you don’t cheat in the first place.

Women hate the women that cheat with their husbands. Say the husband is giving her money. You know how all that stuff started? Back in the day, the man cheated on his wife and to keep the girlfriend from telling he would give her money. It then appeared that mistresses were getting paid to cheat. It was that the men felt guilty for using them that way so they tried to ease the pain with cash, and lots of it. It’s not the woman’s fault; each man is on his own accord. A man or woman who cheats is considered weak.

You think that you will not get caught. You are screwing someone else for over a year and don’t think that anyone anywhere will ever find out. That is some imagination. Not only will someone find out, but all hell will break loose.

Do you think that if you feel you have to cheat to survive, that maybe you should leave your spouse so you can have more than one partner at a time? Don’t you think it is fair to say that if you have the desire to cheat that you should simply leave the one you’re with? Why would you hurt your family that way?

The dirty truth about cheaters is that you may be sleeping with one…

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