The Ultimate Golf Ball Flight

An often over looked part of any golf shot is it’s ball flight. People think about length, backspin and so forth, but overlook a very important part of the shot and that is its flight, in particular the height the ball travels at.

Most people are surprised with how low the pros hit the ball when they visit a PGA tournament. I would describe it as a boring and ‘true’ ball flight. It creates more length and puts a lot more compression on the ball.

A ‘boring’ flight is created by hitting with the ‘true loft’ of each club in the bag. So many amateurs impact position is too far behind the ball with their hands too far behind the ball. Clubs are designed so that the hands should be slightly ahead of the ball at impact.

The problem with most people following this type of swing, where you transfer weight back and through, is that they stay behind the ball through impact resulting it high ‘flighty’ shots and shots where the leading edge of the club catches too much of the ball and the ball squirts out very low.

A consistent ball flight also creates consistent distance. You can feel confident over an approaching shot if you know that you are going to hit it exactly 158 yards, or whatever the shot requires.

How is this consistent, boring ball flight achieved? A consistent swing with a great and repeatable impact position. Many amateurs leave their hands too far behind the ball in their impact position. They will also have an inconsistent position due to an inconsistent swing with too many moving parts.

So work on creating a simpler swing and getting your hands ahead of the ball at impact for a great ball flight.

Source by H O’Meagher

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