Three Types of Cockroach Traps to Use

Roaches are ugly hard bugs found commonly in areas that are filthy and damp. These notorious nocturnal creatures ingest food scraps left here and there. These disease carriers can crawl and hide in the cracks and crevices of your house and are capable of giving you a tough time. The worst thing that could happen in your house is roach infestation. Roaches multiply very fast and they hardly need any resource for survival. They are very tough insects and can go without food, water and even air for long periods. If you notice a roach in your house, you must kill it immediately and avoid their spread. Cockroach traps are very effective in helping you do it.

Homemade traps for cockroaches

Various kinds of traps you can lay to deal with roaches exist. The simplest of them that you can make at home is a glass water jar. Just fill a clear glass jar with water and put a little roach food in it. Then you must place this in a place that roaches frequent. The roach enters the jar to eat the food. Once it enters, then it cannot escape at all. The walls of the glass jar do not provide any grip to it to escape out. This way the cockroach stays trapped within the jar and dies in the water.

You could even place some beer in the jar that attracts roaches. This is the simplest trap that you could make. All you need is a glass jar to do this. This is very effective as there is no way the cockroach will get out. If you wish, you can apply some Vaseline on the insides of the jar to make it more slippery. Roaches cannot hold on to glass, as their claw-like legs need a rough surface to hold on.

You can make another trap at home. What you need to do is to get some sticky tape from the market. The tape has to be extremely sticky else; the roaches will not stick well and might escape. Put a small piece of onion in the middle of the tape’s length. Place this tape in a dark area and let it stay overnight. In the morning, you will find several roaches stuck on the tape.

Stainless steel cockroach traps These are stainless steel traps available in the market. You need to fit the traps into the floor drains and bar the entry of roaches, through drains and water pipes. These traps are very easy to install and they fit well in the drainage pipe. They come in several sizes and designs. This is a one-time investment and you will not have to worry about roaches entering through the drains.

Ready traps

You could even pick-up ready cockroach traps found in the market. These are like baits that contain a poisonous gel to kill the roaches. This gel first attracts the insects and when the roach eats it, it dies. Such traps contain boric acid that is very effective in killing roaches.

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