Trying to Get Pregnant? Discover 4 Tips to Help You Conceive Naturally Within 8 Weeks

Firstly, I would like to thank you for viewing my article – I hope that you find it informative, and i truly believe that I can save you long term pain, frustration and save you tons of money. Take just a few minutes to read this before you end up spending money on expensive drugs and unhealthy infertility treatments – i can assure you, you haven’t seen anything like this before! Plan and find the best way to conceive by reading these effective tips:

Tip 1 – Try avoiding lubricants. Some kinds change the acid balance in the vagina, which can stop sperm from swimming properly. Don’t douche either after sex or any other time. A survey of 840 women revealed that women who douched were less likely to get pregnant than women who didn’t. The study didn’t reveal why, but some doctors think douching can also change the acid balance in the vagina.

Tip 2 – One of the most important tips when trying to get pregnant is to know your fertile days. You only ovulate once a month, and you’re most likely to get pregnant if your have sex shortly before you ovulate. Your fertile days are approximately in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Learn the signs of ovulation and try keeping an ovulation chart to help you plan.

Have plenty of sex, especially during your fertile days. Many people believe that having sex every day decreases a man’s sperm count, and that he should take every other day off to “recharge”. But for normal men, sex every day is just fine. Trying every day during your fertile days may actually increase your chance of conceiving. Don’t turn it into a chore, though. Trying to make a baby should be fun and joyful!

Tip 3 – There is no firm evidence that certain positions help to get pregnant. If penetration is achieved and ejaculation occurs then there is a good chance of getting pregnant whatever the position you are adopting.

When ejaculation occurs, the sperm are shot up inside the vagina right up to the mouth of the cervix and even higher, the sperm from there will start to move upwards aided by vaginal mucus towards the moth of the fallopian tubes where most fertilisation actually takes place.

The only reason for thinking that certain positions are better than others is gravity.

Some women think there is something wrong when they get up after lovemaking (even if it is the next morning), and have a flood of sperm flow out of the vagina. This is normal, but rest assured that there is still a significant amount of sperm that has already traveled right up inside towards the opening of the fallopian tubes.

Also, after lovemaking if you want you might try putting a cushion under your hips to avoid the flow of sperm out from the vagina.

Tip 4 – Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can cause you not to have periods. They can also disturb your thyroid function, which then disrupts your menstrual cycle.

Consider giving up caffeine. Some studies show decreased fertility among coffer drinkers, but others don’t show any effect at all. However, if you can survive without your daily caffeine dose, it’s worth a try.

Although it probably won’t affect your fertility, you should start taking prenatal vitamins or folic acid supplements. Folic acid helps guard against a very serious neurological birth defect.

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