Why a Man Will Marry You

A man will propose only when you have met certain criteria in his mind that has to do with the ideal image of what he looks for in a woman.

If you have been dating your man for a while and he has not come to that tipping point, it could be because you are not being that “ideal” image so he’s comfortable with your relationship but don’t seem eager to take it further.

You do not want to be a waiter girlfriend. You know the kind of woman who sits around and give a man everything he wants like moving in together, sleeping with him, spending all of your time with him, buying him gifts, acting like his wife but not having the ring.

You want to be the kind of woman who compels a man to want you forever by making it seem like it was his idea to have a long-term commitment. But how do you go about making it seem like commitment is his idea.

You plant a seed in his mind- but not by the things you say, but by your behavior. He’ll look at your behavior and judge it against ALL the other women he has been with. If you stand par excellence, way above the others, he’ll think that he’s found his dream woman.

You must ask yourself if you need a serious attitude adjustment. Are you a happy woman? Are you easy to be around? Are you laid back? Does he laugh a lot when he’s around you? Do you have goals? Are you passionate about certain causes?

These are just some of the things a man think about when he’s thinking long-term. He wants an easy relationship not something that requires “work” but a relationship that has a natural ebb and flow that adds to his life in a BIG way.

Source by Nicole Gayle

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