Why is Spear Fishing So Much Fun?

I started Spear fishing about a year ago now, and have to say that it is the most fun sport that I do. I have done a huge range of sports including downhill mountain biking, BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, hockey, volleyball, basketball, fishing, wakeboarding and many others too, so I have a good idea of what is available! Spear fishing is so much fun because it’s a challenge, but very rewarding. It’s also great exercise and doesn’t cost the earth to get into either.

Millions of people enjoy fishing, but I can tell you that Spear fishing is well over twice as fun. You can get in the water for under an hour and you will get fish if they are around, whereas you could spend all day fishing and not get anything! Normal fishing can get you whatever wants to bite, whereas when you are spear fishing you are able to pick out what you shoot. This means you don’t have to hurt any fish that you aren’t interested in.

Spear fishing can be very competitive too, and doing it with friends makes it a lot of fun. It is classified as an extreme sport, so you want to do things safely! Many people enjoy shooting as a sport, but doing it underwater takes it to a whole new level. If you have never tried this sport I would highly recommend it, as it is highly addictive! Trying to hold your breath whilst lining up a massive fish is challenging and requires skill, but is very rewarding too.

Source by Kyle Inglarda

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