Why the Ugly Stik Inshore Select Is a Great Rod

If you consider yourself to be a great inshore angler or are striving to be one, your outright companion should be Shakespeare’s ugly stik inshore select rod. This rod from undoubtedly the most reputable manufacturer is specially designed with an inshore in mind. The rod comes with great features and is affordable. Also, the ugly stik inshore select model comes in four different spinning rods that are differentiated by their 7″ to 7″ 6inches sizes. These sizes are designed specifically for light, medium light and medium heavy actions. In addition, you have the ultimate freedom use live bait or an artificial lure when working with this fishing.


Ugly stik inshore select rods are sensitive light weight rods with EVA split grips. They have even taper actions and graphite Fuji-made spinning reel seats with stainless coated hoods. The even taper enables the angler to throw in live bait(s) or an artificial lure when fishing. The rods have one-piece blanks that are fitted with eight Fuji-made genuine guidesets. They also have stainless steel guides from Fuji. These guides have aluminum oxide inserts. Additionally, they have a customized hand wound diamond wrap and usually come with a 5-year warranty. Additionally, they have top-grade cork grips that have rubber butt caps.


Ugly stik inshore select casting rods come with three different models depending on their functions.

Medium Light

This fishing rod is a single piece and has a line weight of 10-20 lbs. In addition, it has a lure weight of 16-3/8 oz. it comes at an affordable price that range between $49 and $55 depending on different retail outlets.


This single piece rod comes with a line weight of 12-25 lbs. In addition, it comes with a lure weight of 1/4 – 5-8 lbs.

Medium Heavy line

This line has a triple-built line design and has a 7+ tip guide. In addition, it has a lure weight of 1/8, 3/4 lbs. Its line weight is 10-25 lb.

Examples of Retail Outlets

If you want to lay your hands on this high quality product, there are many venues you can outsource the ugly stik inshore select rods. The first place to check them is your nearest retail outlet. Visiting the nearest retail outlet is a move that will save you the shipping fee that comes with shipping the product. This will enable you to get the rod at a more reduced price. If the fishing rod is not available, then you can visit some of the trusted online retail centers and place an order.

Source by Aaron C Stevenson

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