Your Boyfriend is a Lucky Guy to Have You – Ways to Make Sure That He Knows It

If you have been dating your guy for a while now, maybe you are both as happy as little lovebirds, but it is always still important not to take each other for granted. If you are so in love, this is sometimes easier to overlook than you might think. What can you do then, to make sure that your boyfriend realises how lucky he is to have you? Let us explore:

As a guy myself, I think that I take care of my partner better than the next man. Of course I do, well I think that I do. Really? I must admit, that while I encourage my girl to pursue all of her dreams, whether it be with the Am Dram Society that she is involved with, at gym class, or having her piano lessons (she can play one tune brilliantly now, thank heaven), these are all only physical activities. I have realised that I have been happy for her to follow these pursuits, but maybe, if I’m honest, I could have been neglecting my partner’s emotional side. One question which you could ask yourself is, “my boyfriend, is he caring for my emotional needs?” Is he considering your feelings? If you are not sure, ask him why he loves you. Sometimes us fellas do need a prompt. Take heed though, a sudden question like this could throw him, so pick your moment wisely, when he is relaxed. You can then tell him why you love him so much, and it should dawn on him just how very lucky he is to have you. The fact that you are thinking about him like this is always good for a guy to know. We have our feelings too.

Has your boyfriend become a lazybones? If you find that you are spending more time than you did at the beginning of your relationship with an increase in the amount of chores, cooking more, cleaning, buying in all the groceries, while your guy is out watching the hockey or basketball, then stop for a moment and ponder how your situation has developed into this scenario. As far as I can see, you then have a couple of options. The first, is that you simply refrain from all the chores that you didn’t undertake when you first started dating, and see how much your guy notices and/or complains. The second option would be, that you ask your boyfriend if you could go along to watch the sporting events with him. He may twitch a little, but if he agrees, then go with him and cheer on his team. You will have dropped the chores to attend the game, so you can then monitor his reaction when you both return home to an empty fridge and some stale potato chips. Either of these two approaches will get your guy thinking. The little light bulb should then illuminate dimly and he will hopefully realise that it IS YOU who, like a modern day Cinderella, has been doing all the work behind the scenes. You could then tell him that yes, he is a very lucky guy to have you. He should know this by now anyhow. You don’t want him to feel guilty, but he should get the overall picture.

If your man offers to share all the mundane tasks in life with you, from this point on, you will know that he cherishes you and that also secretly, you have the upper hand. Take away his sports, stop cooking or shopping and he will be sunk, and I don’t mean like a basketball.

I must now point out though ladies, that although you may have won in overtime, there will always be another game. I’m going to write a similar article just for us guys. We have to share everything 50/50 with you after all, and we need to get our own back right?

Source by Davey Wilson

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